Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Unfortunately, it continues...sort of...

First of all, I must publicly state I'm impressed that my husband not only FOUND my blog, but READ it & then PROCEEDED to COMMENT on it!  Good job honey!  Not even any coercing on my part.

UNFORTUNATELY this morning Sam woke up complaining that her eyes were still hurting.  Since she had a slight (99) fever last night, I figured I'd better take her to the dr to make sure it wasn't pink eye.  Because we all know that if I didn't take her in, it would in fact turn out to be a horrific case of pink eye.  And, lets be honest, I'm still surprised it's not!

FORTUNATELY, I was able to drop Nash at school & Caleb at preschool.  I stopped at the chiropractor so Sam could get adjusted for the pounding headache she had.  What can I say?  UNFORTUNATELY, I'm a sucker on that one because I know how bad pounding headaches are.

Then, we ventured over to the pediatrician's office.  FORTUNATELY, it is just a sinus infection & she was feeling the pressure in her eyes & her head (hence the headache).  So, we got a rx and headed to Shopko.  While I was waiting for the rx to get filled, I ventured over & we picked out Valentine's Day cards for the kids (put that on tomorrow's to do list!).

FORTUNATELY, I made it back to pick Caleb up from preschool just in the nick of time.  Dropped Caleb & Brooke off at day care & headed over to Sam's school (I worked there today).  Had enough time to get my laminating done & get my prep done for my new first graders I had come today.  I was even able to carry all my stuff back out to the truck by myself!

FORTUNATELY, my mom was kind enough to keep the boys while I took Sam to dance.  Brooke slept so, UNFORTUNATELY, instead of cutting out all my laminating like I should have, I sat and read my current book The Help.  What can I say?  I'm seriously loving that book & I'm dying to see the movie!

After dance I put some fuel in dad's truck & picked up the boys.  Dad followed me home & got his truck from me.  FORTUNATELY, yes, my keys to the Expedition did arrive safely today.  (And fortunately for my husband, I can't travel to Rock Springs to kill him for taking them until Friday at the earliest.)  

Even though I made a new crock pot dinner recipe last night, it wasn't done in time for us to eat at a decent hour.  So, I put it in the fridge thinking, "I'll just warm it up tomorrow & it will be perfect."  Well, since I got paid today & had a hankering for pizza, I called the pizza man instead!  Tomorrow we shall eat what I made yesterday! :)

Now, if I could just get Nash to figure out what he wants to do for his 100 day 100 collection, I'd be set!


Tannie Datwyler said...

Sounds like there are more fortunately statements this time than unfortunately... that's a bonus, right? :)

I LOVE The Help. I read it last year and it is by far the best book I've read in years. I watched the movie last weekend and loved it. Now I'm listening to it on audio - and the narrators are great! Such a fabulous book.

Chad & Cassidy said...

I have the sound track to the help. It's kinda dorky oldies but I like it :) I will have to barrow the book when you're done. Hope all the cooties and pink eye clear up soon. Tell Trav to start a daddy blog LOL