Thursday, February 2, 2012

My sister's challenge

So, my sister FINALLY updated her blog ;).  She has challenged anyone to take at least 10 pictures a day, every day, for the ENTIRE month of February.  I have accepted her challenge.  I have really started slacking at picture taking.  My sister said she'd post all the pictures she takes, so I will do the same.  We will see if there are any good ones, or, as she said, "they are all crap."  If they turn out I suppose I'll have to delete some of the 5,000 pictures (seriously) on my new digital picture frame & swap in some new ones!

We had the Relay for Life kickoff event tonight.  I was impressed at how many people were there.  I had heard it advertised on the radio all week, so I figured there would be a decent turn out.  Turns out, we raised just over $6,000 tonight.  Yea, that's right, SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS - in ONE night!  It was a lot of fun.  It was a Dancing with the Stars spin-off and they intend to continue it each year.  I'd say if we did that good the first time, it's sure to become even bigger each year.  Yes, I did register my team.  So, if you want to join me in my insanity on July 13-14 out at Elk Ridge Park in North Logan, click the link I have on the left hand side of my blog & SIGN UP BABY!  Did I mention they made me CHAIR of the sponsorship committee this year?  My mom asked me why the heck I would agree to such a thing.  Surely I must be crazy.  (Like that's ever been a question!)  I told her this, "I figure, I'm going to eventually get cancer.  My participating in Relay, in any and all forms, is my way of "paying if forward" so when I do get it, hopefully there's something better than they've got now!"  Mom's response?  "Well, I guess that's one way to look at it!"  Just made me smile.

I did try another new recipe the other night that I still need to post.  And, yes, I have uploaded all my BP concert pictures, I just haven't blogged them yet!  Perhaps tomorrow I will get it done since I don't have to work!

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