Tuesday, February 28, 2012

And the verdict is....

A viral infection.  It took a trip to the pediatrician and two different dermatologists to get this answer.  My pediatrician had no idea what it was, only that it didn't fit Hand, Foot & Mouth disease or HSP.  Hence the first dermatologist appointment.

Today I took Nash to the dentist to get a filling replaced and he ended up getting a crown.  After his dentist appointment, we headed over to the pediatrician.  He came home from school yesterday with a fever, chills, headache and generally not feeling well (he didn't even eat his cinnamon roll for heavens sake!).  He was complaining about his ears and throat still this morning so I made the appointment.

When we got to the pediatrician's office, I asked him if he got the message I left for him yesterday.  He shook his head (as though in disbelief) and said yes.  He told me he didn't figure the PA would know what it was and that he'd at least call Dr. Young in.  So much for that idea!  I told him I had an appointment with one of the dr.'s at CV ENT tomorrow morning so that we could then get into the allergy clinic.  Dr. Clarke (my pediatrician) said that if they didn't have any good ideas at the ENT's office to see if they could twist the arm of Dr. Hubbord to get him into that dermatology office.  He told me that Nash has a nasty sinus infection and gave me a prescription for him.  He also told me that his right ear still has a tube in it and that his left ear has the tube stuck in it.

Once I left the pediatrician's office, I found the number to Dr. Hubbord's office and called.  I explained the situation and that he was getting worse and that I didn't really want to wait another day to get him in to see someone.  They gave us an appointment for 1:30 pm today.

I went back to daycare and picked up Caleb and Brooke.  Caleb's fingers still had the burn like marks on them.  They weren't getting worse, but there were a bit more on  his hands than there had been earlier.  We ventured home to spend the two hour wait until the next appointment of the day.

When we got to Dr. Hubboard's office, they were great!  I only waited out in the waiting room maybe 10 minutes.  We actually saw Dr. Hubbord and not his PA (although, I do really like his PA.  She's the one that froze Nash's wart off forever ago.)  I showed Dr. Hubbord my pictures and he looked really close at Caleb's hands and feet.  Caleb was really good this time about letting him look - I think it was because he had a spiffy chair that the dr. was willing to "give him a ride" on!

After looking closely, Dr. Hubbord said that it ISN'T eczema and that hydracortisone cream ISN'T going to help anything.  He said that the spots do have some hive like qualities, but they are NOT hives.  He said that because they aren't hives but they do have hive like qualities, they MAY respond to benadryl, but it isn't guaranteed.  He said that it is Caleb's body's way of reacting to a viral infection.  He would have been contagious (if he was contagious at all) prior to breaking out (so Thursday, Friday) or possibly when he first broke out (Saturday, Sunday).  He said that there are a lot of infections like this (chicken pox for example).  Some of the infections like this they have named and figured out and others they haven't.  He said that it's just going to have to run its course.  The rash could last for anywhere from 1-6 weeks.  He said that if they get a lot worse or do something funky to come back in, otherwise, it's just going to have to run it's course.

As I was leaving, the nurse that had been in the room with us the whole time asked me if I had any questions.  I told her no, but thanks because today was much more productive than yesterday because I left livid yesterday (I had told her about what happened).  Her response was "You're not the only one."  Apparently that dermatologist's office has a reputation that isn't a great one!

I'm just glad I know what it is from and that it isn't anything permanent or serious.  He may react this way to viral infections for awhile, but, if I know that's what it is, I won't freak out any time soon over it!  I think Caleb will be glad to have me quit saying "Let me see your hands and feet!" and to be done with dr.'s office visits for awhile.  I, on the otherhand, am headed over to the ENT tomorrow morning with Nash to get that ear looked at and figured out!  He keeps saying he's dizzy and the pediatrician did say that there's fluid in his ear.  Hopefully they can get it cleaned out and that will help...Let's cross our fingers he doesn't end up with another set of tubes...that would be his FOURTH like his big sister!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Crazy times Misty!! But I'm so glad you figured out what is wrong with Caleb!