Saturday, February 25, 2012

In the words of my sister...

In the words of my sister, "My challenge has become challenging."  Yep.  Sums it up over here too!  One reason I didn't get 10 today is because I am down to TWO children instead of my usual FOUR.  Plus, I've been so busy & Caleb has been sick.  I feel bad because most of the pictures I've taken for the challenge have been of Brooke.  The older kids mostly run & hide.  Caleb acts like a goof & bats his eyelashes four hundred times so I can't get a good shot of him!  Guess I'll take what I can get!

And what do I get?  TROUBLE.  Notice she's got 2 cookbooks on the floor?  She goes for that pink one EVERY TIME.  It's an Usborne Fairy Cookbook my mom got for Sam for Christmas.  Not sure if it's the color or the pictures that she likes.  Maybe it's just that it's the right size to fit in her chubby little hands?  Also notice the bar stool she's managed to pull on top of her walker?  Amazed she didn't knock herself in the head with it!

Sam had a dance showcase on Friday night.  She did good.  It lasted two hours and she only did one dance.  She was dance number TWO.  Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris showed up around dance number FIVE.  They did stay for the whole thing though & talked to Sam after.  I was happy because it meant that I got a break from the "Bouncing Bob" on my stomach!  She was cute.  I held her up so she could see the girls dance and as soon as the music started she started jumping!  I think I have another dancer on my hands!  As soon as I handed her off to Grandma, ZONK.  Sister was OUT for nearly the rest of the show!  None of the pictures I took of Sam dancing turned out very good because they were all moving so much.  I tried though!  Sam's head is down on this one.

She's the second from the left.

Sam's face is right behind that arm!

Second from the left with her face turned to the right.

Sam is exiting stage right & one of the girls is doing backflips across the stage on the left.

She was excited to tell me she saw her school teacher.  I asked her if she talked to her and she said she did. She told me that she was there watching "her grandchild."  I love that girl's vocabulary!  

Modeling her other birthday dress that Grandma Terri made her.  Love the totally fake smile she has going on in both the pictures!

Caleb & his jail.  All snuggled down on a pillow from my bed with his blanket over top, eating a SpongeBob fun dip!
And speaking of Caleb, that kid cracks me up.  He has inherited his older sister's vocabulary.  Tonight I was washing dishes.  He pulls a bar stool over to help me and says, "Wow mom.  That's terrifying."  Seriously?  Terrifying?  What THREE year old says terrifying?

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