Thursday, February 23, 2012

Because I am in fact one of THOSE kinds of mothers

When I walked through the halls at the kids' school today I saw a poster announcing the upcoming Literacy Night.  We are reading Frindle with some of the other schools in the district.  On the day of Literacy Night the kids are encouraged to dress up as a favorite character.  Some may recall the moment of insanity I had last spring when I made a Kirsten (from American Girl) dress for Samantha in 3 days while having contractions.  Well, this year is no different.  I asked the kids what they wanted to dress up as.  Samantha wanted to go as Samantha from American Girl.  So, after dance we stopped at JoAnns.  I didn't know if I'd be able to find any costume patterns because it isn't October.  Fortunately the McCalls patterns are currently on sale for $1.99 & they did have a costume section.  Unfortunately, I couldn't find any patterns for a dress that looks like it was worn during 1904.  I did find a pattern that I could have altered to make it similar, but nothing exact to the pictures of what Samantha wears in the movie or the book.  I told her I'd be willing to make the pinafore to go to the dress I made last year and she could go as Nellie (Samantha's best friend).  Nope.  Nothing doing.  So, what does she end up picking?  Alice.  From Alice in Wonderland.  She hasn't even read that book!  (She will after this because I'm going to make sure she does if I'm making the stinking dress for it.)  So, we got all the fabric and the notions and the pattern picked out.  My mom is going to drop it off after work tonight.  As we were leaving JoAnns I told Samantha, "You know you're going to be Alice for Halloween this year, right?"  Her reply?  "Yep."  I'm just glad I got her convinced she did NOT in fact want to be the Queen of Hearts!

And what did my son want to go as?  Something simple?  Oh no!  My kids don't do simple!  He wanted to go as a LEGO man from one of the LEGO books.  I told him I had NO idea how to do a costume for that.  So, what is his second choice?  Darth Vader.  Dude, I can do that.  He was Darth for Halloween two years ago & still fits in the costume.  The only down side?  He can't wear a mask.  I kinda think a light saber might be considered a weapon too.

And while I was at JoAnns, I got a completely random (but totally funny text).  I heard my phone beep but didn't recognize the number.  I had been texting Trav's cousin earlier and thought it might be her, so I opened up the text.

Unknown Texter: Congratulations!  That's so exciting!
Me: For what?  I'm confused.
Texter: Your mom told me your pregnant!  Or is she crazy?
Me: This is Misty.  If I'm pregnant, I'm in big trouble because Travis is fixed.
Texter: Oh!  I must have the wrong number!  I'm SO sorry!
Me: No problem!

I thought it was pretty funny and it made me smile.

And on a random side note, baby sister got to be turned around in her car seat.  Yep.  My baby is almost (I'm in denial) no longer a baby.  She is, in fact, turning into a big girl right before my very eyes!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Hey, don't know if this would help, but I am going to email you a lego costume idea. It may be totally off of what he needs but just thought it may help :O)