Friday, February 3, 2012

Picture Challenge, Brad Paisley & more photos!

So, my sister's challenge was 10 pictures per day, every day for the entire month of February.  Here are today's pictures (I'm not done with all 10 so I'll have to come back & add more later).

Sam checked out this book from the school library.  It's an Usborne Books Fifty fun things to make & do.  She has been dying to make these cookies.  She was hoping Uncle Zack was coming over today so she could make them with him (he loves octopuses).  Unfortunately, no such luck.  So, since we're about out of time tonight, we'll have to make them tomorrow.

I stopped at Kitchen Kneads tonight & let Sam choose a birthday cake pan.  This is what she has decided to go with this year (since mom's lame & can't make a cake with all the faces of the boys from BTR on it)!  She also wants a stand up barbie cake too since this one is small.

You know, I'm thinking this was extra helpful when I was very, very pregnant.  Now days, not really so least he had fun, right?

I blame her sister for teaching her how to pull herself up to things!

These were in January:
Baby sister is not going to be the favorite for much longer.  Not only does she scoot around way too well, she likes to be front, center & smack dab in the middle of things now days too!

This little stinker is pulling herself up to things lately.  I'm afraid she's going to stand up & run off one day not too long from now!

Sister thought it was hilarious that she had a pull up on her head & we were all laughing.

This is the first time Sam helped her stand up.  Great!  Thanks big sister!  Now she's never going to stop!

One of sister's new favorite places to play.  I baby gate across the hallway & she just sits here by the railing waiting for someone to pop up, surprise her & play with her to her little heart's content!

My boys in their matching monster hats!

 And now, (finally) pictures from the concert!  Brad Paisley was the head liner & he brought Scotty McCreery & The Band Perry with him.  We are now both Scotty fans & The Band Perry did better than I had anticipated.  I think I might need their cd now too since I know they sing more than the 2 songs they repeatedly play on the radio!

I took this picture like 6 times because Travis kept closing his eyes!

 These are The Band Perry

 These are Mr. Brad Paisley himself.  The special effects were simply amazing!  The light show was way better than I've paid to see at the Planetarium (I'd hope so for $60 seats).  We both got new shirts & Trav bought an autographed copy of his book "Diary of a Player".  We also got Sam a shirt & are saving it for her birthday.  I think she'll be thrilled about that.

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Chad & Cassidy said...

The pull up picture reminds me of the sponge picture haha! I like the one of duleb in the dryer too :)