Monday, February 13, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 10 & 11

The picture of the blanket I did that I posted the other day I actually took on my phone & emailed to myself so I could blog it.  Why?  Because I didn't want to hook my camera up to my PC and download 2 pictures! I did get the blanket ragged the same night I finished it.  I stayed up until about 3 am, but now it's done & I just need to figure out how to wrap the sucker up!  So, here's 1 project (only about a yr & a half in the making) finished:

And here's another project started:
What is going to be you ask?  A rag blanket that is for Caleb's preschool teacher.  She's due at the end of the month but I'm afraid her baby boy will be coming any day now!

Nash got some Kre-o LEGOS at Christmas.  He got Bumblebee & Optimus Prime.  He whipped Bumblebee together in under an hour & completely on his own.  He had tried, several times, to build Optimus into the semi truck.  Last night he got Optimus put together as Optimus.  He was pretty proud of himself (I don't blame it, it was no small feat!) and I was pretty proud of him too.  I told him we had to get a picture of it!  And what do you know?  The kid looks more like his dad every time I turn around!

 I came home from work today & found this:

 Sister is getting pretty dang good on all fours.  Especially when she has the cord to dad's laptap to chase after!

My kids were so excited.  They got a valentine in the mail today (Thanks Rylee).  Can you see the look on Brooke's face?  She was so excited!  It was funny because she had absolutely no idea what it was.  All she knew was that the other kids were making a big deal out of it and were excited so she was too!  She was quite upset when I wouldn't let her have her sucker unsupervised!

Not too long ago Smith's had blueberries on sale.  You could get 16 oz for $4 or you could buy 8 oz for $4.  I don't know about you, but it was a no brainer for me...I got the 16 oz.  Brooke liked to eat them plain, but it was making a terrible mess.  I finally decided to bake something with them (Sam's a blueberry muffin fiend).  So, I cranked out a blueberry strussell.  Not bad for a first attempt & a recipe that we hadn't used before.  I was surprised at how thick the "batter" was.  More like cookie dough if you ask me.  It made for a good after dinner dessert though.  (I also made a batch of blueberry muffins, but they didn't look as pretty, so I didn't snap a picture.) 

After Caleb got out of the tub Sam helped him with his hair.  He was might proud of his awesome hairdo.  Almost time for another haircut!

I busted out our high chair that attaches to the counter this past weekend.  Brooke is loving it now that I've found all the straps & can safely strap her in there!  Charlotte is loving it too actually.  I think they're going to become besties rather quickly.  Why?  Well, what dog wouldn't love the kid that does this:

There was an impromptu guitar lesson at our house tonight.  It was later followed by an impromptu waltz lesson for Sam.  I wasn't able to snap a shot of the waltzing, but I did get the guitar lesson.  All the kids were pretty excited when their dad busted out his old pics and let them each choose one.  Hopefully I won't find them all chewed up by the dog any time soon. 

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Hey, glad the kids liked their valentine :) Just a question...when do they need the post cards by? I have been trying to find one but always go to the wrong store. I may just print out a picture of Oregon and send it ;)