Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 12 & 13

I've been doing an ok job of taking my pictures.  I just haven't done a very good job of getting them posted the same day I take them!

I let Brooke have her valentine sucker from her cousin Rylee yesterday.  Little sister was in HEAVEN!  She loved it!  I think she might be like Caleb in that suckers will be a favorite.

Since bringing her high chair up & clipping it to the counter she has turned into Swiper!

My Aunt Debbie is amazing!  Check out the valentines she made my kids!  They thought they were the coolest thing ever!  (Which they are!)

Tonight Brookelyn got to play with her cousin who is 3 days older than she is.  Brookelyn still looks like she'd make 3 of Olivia!  They were cute together.  Olivia isn't crawling yet so B was a little harder for Olivia to keep up to.  

Last night I gave Caleb a blueberry muffin.  Apparently he unwrapped it and only ate a bite or two.  When I came over not long after, Sister had eaten the whole thing.  So, tonight I gave her her own muffin.  She loved it!  She couldn't shove it in her face fast enough!

And last, but not least, there's this little cutie.  I took her to the ENT today.  Yep, we will be purchasing yet another (set #10 in fact) set of tubes.  She will also be getting her adenoids out.  March 8th - her cousin's first birthday!  Not too far away & hoping that it makes her feel better!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Weren't the Valentine's fun!! Hope getting tubes goes well:)