Friday, February 17, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 14 & 15 & Sam's Birthday Party

The other day I walked past the living room & happened to see this:
I thought it was pretty funny.  What's even funnier is when he tries to get out & ends up getting stuck!  He was happy as a clam just sitting in Brooke's walker, eating white cheese cheetos & watching cartoons! 

Not long after I caught Caleb in the walker, Brooke was back in it.  You can't tell very easily in these pictures, but she was grabbing hold of the fish tank & pulling herself toward the tank & up off the floor.  Her feet would come up off the ground & she'd just sit & grin.  She thought that was the best way ever to watch the cartoons that were on the tv!

 Notice the foot in the air?

Caleb wanted to have his picture taken with the scrapbook...

Tonight we celebrated Sam's birthday.  Her real birthday isn't until Sunday, but since that's the day Travis leaves & she's dancing tomorrow night, we figured it was going to be Friday or forget it!  This year she picked Hello Kitty for her cake.  I think it turned out pretty cute:

I got the cupcakes done & the frosting cleaned up.  I was looking at the cupcakes & was like "Something's wrong."  That's when it hit me.  "Crap.  I forgot the whiskers!"  Since I had already tossed my cake decorating stuff into the sink to soak, the Hello Kitty cupcakes were whisker-less!

She was pretty excited to get her blanket.  I did hear, "My mom FINALLY finished my blanket!"  I knew that would come out of her mouth eventually!

Blue, Brad Paisley, Hanna Montana pattern shirt that Grandma Terri made her.  She's had it cut out probably as long as I've had the butterfly blanket cut out.  I think every time Sam sees her she asks when she's going to get it made!  We're hoping it's long enough to cover her belly!

Adorable dress Grandma Terri made.  I didn't get a picture of the other dress Grandma Terri made her.  I'll have to snap a photo of her in that one!

Caleb was totally into the "Heavy, Heavy, Hangover..."  Caught her pretty good on the nog with more than one gift!"

She was super excited for this.  Grandma Kris & Grandpa Scott got her & her American Girl doll matching pjs & slippers.  And yes, she's wearing them & so is the doll tonight!

She has turned into a Big Time Rush fan.  She got one of their cds for Christmas.  For her birthday she wanted a BTR theme but I told her I didn't know how I was going to do a cake for that.  I found this BTR book/poster book in a book order for her back in December & ordered it to have for her birthday.  She loved it!

She loves this hat.  It has Hello Kitty on the side of it.  Every time she puts it on, she starts doing hip hop!  Silly girl!  Here she's opening a Brad Paisley shirt.

I found this shirt & it screamed her name to me.  It says Nerd Alert.  I thought she'd love it.  And, she did!  I'm sure it will become a favorite.

Aunt Cass & family gave her this cute ear warmer.  It looks super cute on her.  I should learn how to make these!

I can't believe my baby girl is turning NINE!  Her dad is in complete denial & I can't say that I'm not too.  When did she get so old!  Wasn't she just born?  It dawned on me recently that next year I will be sitting through the maturation program next school year!  Wait!  I am SOO not ready for that!  I'm afraid she's growing up way too fast for her dad & I!  I think it makes me appreciate my smaller ones a bit more because I have her around to remind me of how fast they will grow up.  Some fun things about Samantha are: She loves her dance class (obviously).  She's been dancing for LaShar's since she was three & I don't see an end in sight any time soon.  Girlfriend loves to get her groove on.  She's so tall.  I keep telling her she's going to be like Grandma Kris because she's long waisted, but she has legs up to her arm pits & is just so stinking tall.  She's so kind & thoughtful of others.  She always wants everyone to feel good & not be sad.  If someone is sad she does what she can to make them feel better.  She's getting really good on the piano & has recently started asking when we'll sign her up for guitar.  Yes, I know, ironic.  I've told her that I refuse to pay someone to teach her to play guitar when she has the father she does!  I think she'll end up being a one man band just like her daddy!  She loves to sing.  She's always singing - whether it's a song on the radio or one she's made up.  I've noticed that she's starting to write lyrics down recently.  Her dad gave her some song writing tips awhile back & I think she's decided to start working on them.  She knows how to navigate around on the computer better than a lot of other kids her age.  Not sure if I'm glad or worried about this!  The girl reads and reads a lot!  she usually has a minimum of three chapter books going on at once and up to as many as six.  And, one of my favorite things about this girl is that she isn't afraid to come & talk to her mom.  She's so willing to open up and tell me everything about every aspect of her day.  I sure hope she stays that way.  I never imagined that I'd have a daughter that would be that way with me because I so wasn't that way with my mom.

Brooke was extra jumpy after the party so we busted out the Johnny Jumper & put her in it.  I didn't know if she'd like it or not because the last time I had her in it, she was not a big fan of it.  Oh my heck.  The girl LOVED it!  She couldn't jump high or fast enough!  She'd get going and lift her feet up so she could swing!  I'm hoping the video I took will upload.  It was hilarious!

I couldn't get the video of Brooke to upload, but you can see it here:


Justin & Ashlee said...

Happy Birthday Sam! I love the Hello Kitty cake. It turned out really cute and the cupcakes were cute too (even whiskerless!)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sam! Hope you have a great birthday! Looks like you received a lot of nice presents!

Anonymous said...

I guess I should put my name! Sorry! Love Aunt Debbie

Amanda Griggs said...

The cake it totally cute!!

PS, you do have the word verification thing.