Sunday, February 19, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 16

Friday night after everyone left, Sam got to have her cousin Jade sleep over.  She was soo excited.  They've been dying to have a sleepover for quite some time.  Nash got to have his cousin Kash sleep over too (no pix of those two unfortunately).  The girls finally crashed just before midnight - even though I sent them to bed at 10:30!

Yesterday Caleb took a nap.  I love it when he does.  I just don't love it so much when he falls asleep with a half eaten go-gurt on the couch next to him (I cleaned that up before I took the picture).  He still really needs naps, but won't lay down and take one.  They have to come by accident these days.  I'm really missing the days where I could tell him it was nap time and he'd do it!

Last night Sam danced for a Primary Children's Hospital fundraiser at the Logan Rec Center.  I was surprised at how many people were there because it wasn't advertised at all.  I think the only people that came though were the parents of dancers.  This is her ballet dance for the year.

Waiting for their turn.

Ready.  Position.
All the pictures I took of them actually dancing turned out fuzzy.  I thought Sam was on the far left for this dance so I sat on that side.  Turns out, she was on the far right (where I was originally going to sit & then changed my mind!).

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