Sunday, February 5, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 3

 This morning Brookelyn was crawling around the front living room.  She actually  made it quite far on all fours.  (She still prefers the army crawl.)  For some reason or another, she seems to be fascinated with my bookshelf of cookbooks.  She has one in particular that she really loves.  (It's the purple one all the way to the right.)  I think she likes all the Post It notes that stick out of the tops of my cookbooks too!  You can tell by the look on her face that she doesn't feel too hot.  Sister was up half the night last night.  Usually I can just wrap her up in her favorite blanket & give her her bottle and she zonks back out quickly.  Not last night.  Last night I had to hold her & cuddle her & bounce her until she zonked.  She didn't even want anything to do with her bottle.  She only took 1 1 hour nap today too.  Poor girl.  Tomorrow we venture to the ENT.

After I fed her her lunch I was trying to wash her up with a wash rag.  Travis's mom use to call the wash rag "Mr. Sloshy" when he was a kid.  I think she must be getting a few more teeth because man did sister love chewing on a very wet Mr. Sloshy today.

Love this one of both the girls.

Today I broke down & finally made those chocolate octopus cookies that I posted a picture of the other day.  I can give you the recipe, but to be honest, they weren't that great.  I'd just use your favorite sugar cookie recipe & then mold them the way you're suppose to.  The directions said to make the dough & then roll it into a ball & refrigerate for 30-60 minutes.  Then, take the dough out & split it in half & put one half back in the fridge while you work with the first half.  Cut the dough into 5 pieces & roll into sausage link like shapes.  Place sausage link onto pan & lightly press to flatten.  Use a sharp knife to cut four "tentacles" & then spread tentacles apart.  It said to make the tentacles so they weren't pointy & I tried to make sure that the first & last tentacles "boofed" out so that it looked like it was floating in water.

After the octopuses cook & cool, use frosting to adhere m & m eyes.  You can see some of mine look more like hands than octopuses.  Oh well, we had fun (even if they didn't taste too great).

 We went down to my parents' house for the Super Bowl.  There was all kinds of good food.  Little sister LOVED her potato skins.  She didn't even wait for a spoon, she just grabbed the whole thing & stuffed it into her mouth!  Silly girl!

I let Uncle Zacc & Scott dye Sam's hair with kool-ade.  She was SOOO excited.  They used a red & purple.  I think the purple looked blue when it was done.  She was so bummed when I told her she couldn't wear her hair colored red & blue to school tomorrow.  So, when we got home we washed it out.  Now it just looks like she has a bunch of red highlights!  I told Uncle Zacc that he can dye it for real on the last day of school.  Sam's already early awaiting that day!

The kids had fun playing with Grandpa Larry at the Super Bowl party tonight.  Grandpa made a good pony & was playing horse ride & dog pile.  He finally had to quit because he was getting winded!  My kids would have gone on all night long if he had let them!

There's something bugging me that I just have to get off my chest.  I'm sure no one really cares, but in order for me to get it out of my system so I can sleep tonight, I must write it down!
Back in about Sept. I wrote about how someone in the family had left me a msg on my phone accusing me of all sorts of things & telling me that I'm a terrible mother, etc.  Well, this person finally apologized for her actions on Christmas Day.  I told her I forgave her.  I told her this because quite frankly, I had.  I was over it & had moved on.  I no longer had a single ounce of respect for this person, nor did I like her that much, but I said I forgave her.  Travis forgave her too (he had told her she was no longer welcome at our home, etc. because of the things she was saying & doing).  Since Christmas when she apologized, I haven't really thought much about what happened.  I have however thought about how much I really don't like her and I really don't want to be around her.  Nor do I want her around my children.  I still have no respect for her because of her previous actions and I don't believe she will ever change (mostly because I don't think she wants to).  Granted, she's a part of the family, but I can choose who I spend my time with.  Well, I found out today that she finally married into the family within the last week.  To me, that doesn't change how I feel about her.  She's still the same person.  The only difference is they have a piece of paper to make it official after living as a married couple for the previous six years.  I told Travis that it didn't change my opinion of her & I still don't want anything to do with her.  He thinks I'm being petty & that I haven't really forgiven her & that I need to learn to be more like Jesus.  Really?  I told him I couldn't believe we were actually having that conversation.  After the way this person has talked about & treated his grandmothers, his mother, his sister, his wife & his children, he was choosing to stick up for her?  Really?  Ok.  Fine.  Whatever.  I realize I'm not being very Christlike.  I really have forgiven her though.  I don't care that she said what she said all those months ago.  I know I'm not the person she accused me of being.  It's that I've had her not in my life since September & it's allowed me to think about what kind of person she is & what kind of example she sets for not only her own children, but mine as well.  I don't want my kids around that.  I don't want to be around that myself.  To me, it's about choices, not forgiveness.  I forgave her, I'm choosing not to continue a relationship with her.  I don't want my kids thinking that it's ok to treat people the way this person does.  Being around her makes me onery & bitter because I remember the way she's treated the family & the consequences of such for everyone in the family.  Is it wrong that I don't want to associate with her?  I don't think so, but apparently my husband does.  I guess I need to work on being more Christlike.  Who doesn't though, right?

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