Monday, February 6, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 4

 Little sister woke up with a smile on her face today and some serious bed head (look out Nash, you have competition!).  I took her to the dr.'s office this morning because I ended up not having to go into work.  Dr. said Caleb has a sinus infection.  Brooke has a sinus infection AND bronchitis.  Good times.  I have an appointment with our favorite ENT on the 15th of February.  Any bets on just how soon I'm buying pair #10 of ear tubes?

Lately sister keeps getting into this kind of trouble.  Can you see what it is?  Look close at how the chair is connected to the walker.  I have no idea how the little stinker manages to get the chair tipped that far over & hooked onto the spinner on her walker without 1-making the chair crash onto the floor and 2-without making ANY sound!

Caleb got a hold of my camera tonight.  Apparently the camera case is quite fascinating.

At least he managed to get me in a shot!  Don't mind the disaster that is my house!

While I was helping Nash do his reading for his homework, I noticed this:
 Little sister is quite curious these days.  She's figured out how to get around quite well in her little walker.  Luckily, she hasn't been able to figure out how to get over the wood and onto the carpet.  Thankfully we did get our new baby gate & it has already become a permanent fixture at the top of the stairs.  I was trying to catch the look of her complete curiosity.  

Nash is turning into quite a decent little reader.  He doesn't really enjoy it so much, but he endures it.  Too bad.  I wish I could get him to catch the bug.  He does take at least one book to bed with him every night, just like the other two kids.  Those books he enjoys - not really sure if he reads them or just looks at pictures though!

Still listening to Nash read while sister was investigating.

After I caught Caleb with my camera, he tried to disappear.  He has gotten even sassier than usual lately.  I'll tell him something like, "Caleb, please don't.  I don't want to have to spank your bum for not listening again."  To which I hear this type of reply, "Mom.  YOU are not the boss of ME.  I will spank YOUR bum for not listening to ME again."  Great.  I think I've got my work cut out for me!  I've begun to apologize on a daily basis for the way I sassed my mother then entire time I was growing up.  She always said she hoped I got a kid just like me.  Well, thanks mom, here he is:

One brother reading.  One brother trying to hide in the couch.  Sister absorbed in the tv show.  Mom not paying attention.  Destroy paper?  I think so!

Oh!  This one looks good!

With the sinus infection and bronchitis sister has not slept well at all since Thursday night.  I did get her first dose of antibiotics in her this morning.  I've also kept her packed full of ibuprofen & some cold/allergy medicine because the poor girl was sneezing and had itchy, watery eyes like you would not believe.  She's gone from taking at least 1-2 naps a day to taking about 1 20 min. a day.  She's gone from sleeping through the night like a champ & if she did wake up she'd go back to bed quickly with her favorite blanket and a bottle.  To, waking up a million times a night, not wanting anything to do with her bottle and having to be bounced/rocked/held until she falls back asleep.  She finally crashed tonight & when I went in to check on her, I found her like this.  I always worry it hurts her head and then I remember that even with the bumper pads for the other three, they'd figure out a way to push the pad down & have their head rest against the crib bars anyway.

I put the kids to bed just after nine (they were up extra late last night).  I told them they could pick a book but not to stay up too late reading.  At 10 I told Sam, "Lights out within 30 minutes."  At 11, I found this:
And then she tells me, "What?  I'm on my last chapter finally!"  She is her mother's daughter this one.  I will admit that I've stayed up way too long way too many times because I too finally reached the last chapter!

Nash insists on having at least 2 pillows on his bed.  Can you see how far on them his head is?  I had to really look to even find enough of him to take a  picture!  Little stinker!

And finally, let's play "Just how many blankets does one kid need on his bed?"  He has 1-1 flat sheet, 2-2quilts, 3-his I spy quilt, 4-1 fleece blanket, and 5-his rag fleece blanket.  If I go down there before bed, it's highly likely that he'll be laying sideways, not under a single blanket!  Of course, I'd probably have that many blankets on my bed too if I was sleeping in our basement.  It's COLD down there!

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