Friday, February 10, 2012

Picture Challenge Day 8

There are no pictures of Sam today -- she's sleeping over at a friend's house & since I didn't snap any pictures of her during my rush out of the house at 8 am, she got left out of the picture taking party!

Tonight I busted out my high chair that clasps onto the counter.  It doesn't have any of the straps on it.  Luckily she doesn't know how to climb out of it...yet.  As soon as she figures that out though I'll have to bust out the regular high chair!  You can tell her little mouth is chuck full of food in both of these pictures!

Caleb was entertaining himself for quite awhile tonight with his 7 Up and straw.  I thought it was funny to watch him just sit on the counter and play away.  He would have stayed there longer if I hadn't snapped the picture and caught his attention with the flash.

Nash was playing around with the basket I keep a few of Brooke's toys in.

Sister finally crawls on all fours.  It's kinda funny to watch because she actually does it on only one knee.  She keeps the other knee under her laying against the floor so she isn't all the way up and risking too much.  Silly girl.

Is it just me, or does she look guilty of something here?

Yep, there it is!  Look closely at her mouth!  
 I think I might have to banish LEGOS to the basement for the next 2 1/2 years!

It got rather quiet at one point tonight.  I asked the boys "Where's the baby?"  No answer.  So, we went looking.  Here's where we found her.  When she realized I was sitting just outside the door, she turned and just grinned ear to ear at me!  Little stinker!  Guess it's time to keep the bathroom door shut now too!

After I got Brooke out of the tub tonight I was letting her look at the baby in the mirror.  She loved it!  She usually does but she was extra excited about it tonight.  

Sister was getting quite a kick out of looking at the kitty in the mirror after she got out of the tub.  She has recently rediscovered her tongue & can't get enough of it.  I was just happy to catch it on film!

And here's an update on my crocheting project.  I'm impressed with how far I've gotten already & it doesn't even look too shabby!  Now, if I can manage to keep my yarn the same tightness all the way through!

Random piece of information that I learned today.  Did you know that a child's IQ is more closely associated to the IQ of their grandparents than it is to that of their parents?  Real fact!  Explains so much about my children! :)

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