Thursday, February 9, 2012

Picture Challenge Days 6 & 7

Last night I had a migraine hit me like a semi truck at about 10 pm.  So, I went to bed before posting.  When I went to go to bed, this is what I found:
 Cute, but seriously?  How the heck am I suppose to sleep in here too?  He's just like his dad!

Yesterday I introduced my 3rd graders to pod casting.  That's what their next project at school is going to be.  I had found some that were LEGO ones.  I showed Nash how to access them & voila:
 I think the kid liked them!

I tried making Parker House Rolls to go with dinner.  My recipes said it made two dozen.  Yea, like 6 dozen later, I was still cutting!  They turned out ok, but they aren't Grandma Allen rolls by any means.  Guess this recipe needs some practice!

When I had Brookelyn in the tub Caleb came in & was entertaining her.  They were really cute together.  I'm actually surprised he listened when I told him he couldn't jump in with her! 

She had some killer hair going on after she got out that I was trying to capture.  Don't mind dorky me.

She's always so sad when I take her out of the tub.  Sister loves the tub!

I started a crocheting project out of the book I put a picture up of the other day.  It's a shawl.  I love this yarn.  My mom had to take it to work to ask one of the ladies she works with how to do the stitch I'm working on now.  This is how far I was last night.  Tonight I'm about +5 rows or so.

These are from today.  I didn't get my ten in (not even close).  After school we had a chiropractor appointment, dance class & a Relay for Life meeting.  Didn't even get home until after 9:30 pm!
Brookelyn still isn't feeling well.  Her fever spiked back up around 4 am this morning.  My mom kept her most of the day today (until she had to work).  She actually took like a 2 hour nap for my mom (that's unheard of - even when she feels well).  I snapped this picture because lately, whenever I put this jacket on her & I remember to put the hood on, she falls asleep fairly quickly.  Not sure if it's because the hood drapes over her eyes and she can't see anything or if it's just because she's plumb tuckered out.  Either way, I think it's adorable.

And last, but not least, my poor pathetic, ewok looking dog.  Charlotte needs groomed so badly!  I bought her a new sweater this fall, but it's a little big on her & she just slips right out of it.  I'm afraid she'll freeze to death if I take her in and get her shaved down!  Guess we'll have to risk it & take her in next week.  I'm not sure how she's not running into walls because her fur is so far up over her eyes!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Way to go on the crocheting. That is something that I would love to learn. Maybe some day you'll have to teach me. I am not patient enough to watch the youtube videos :)