Friday, March 2, 2012

Brooke causes mischief, Sister's mad num-chuck skills & Literacy Night

Who needs a teething ring when you can chew on mom's photo paper package?

Why is mom laying on the floor with the camera?  Oh!  Let me see!

I choose the pink one...again!

I like Rapunzel!

Little Sister has some mad num-chuck skills!

How terrible is it that I'm willing to bust out this costume for Literacy Night at the school, but if she asked me to do it for Halloween I couldn't say I'd be as willing to do it?  Cursed pattern, good thing she looks cute.  Stupid me...I'm think I'd be an awesome Queen of Hearts, Caleb could go as the King, Brooke could be the white rabbit & Nash could be a card man for Halloween....crap.  I think I've found our Halloween costumes.  Better get on that.

My easy child that agreed to go as Darth Vader - a costume we already had and he was worn many times.

Literacy Night at the school.  Like the look Brooke gives me every time she sees my camera lately?

Can you see how swollen little sister's top gums are?  She's working on those two front top teeth!  Her mouth was actually bleeding a bunch earlier this day.

Nash singing with the first graders at the beginning of Literacy Night.

Literacy Night was fun (for the kids).  They (with the exception of Brooke) each got a free book.  Nash sung with the first grade.  Sam gave her book talk.  Sam convinced me to buy her a copy of the book her class had read (Unicorn Quest I think).  The author was there selling/signing books.  She read it in class and really liked it, but had to miss parts when she came to my class once a week!  Silly girl!

The Beuners (spell?) were suppose to be there as well.  I purchased A Job for Watilda and The Escape of Marvin the Ape.  They are going to be signed by the authors.  These books were books my Grandma Lea got for my brother and sister when they were little.  I remember how much they loved them.  My kids have read Escape of Marvin the Ape at my mom's house and really liked it.  Due to the weather they ended up not coming.  They will come at a later date though and we will get our autographed books then.

One of the ladies I taught with at Adams Elementary (Mrs. Torres, ESL) was there.  She has written a book!  She was reading her book to kids.  She had puppets and a song that went along with it too.  I can honestly say that once I had a death grip on Caleb on my lap and he was holding a puppet, it was the best behaved he was the entire night!

I saw several ladies that I know and got to talk to them (RS President, Nash's friend's mom, Sam's friend's mom, etc).  My poor RS President about died when I told her about the week we'd had!  When we were leaving the school they were giving out ice cream sandwiches for a treat.  Funny to me because it was a snow blizzard as we were leaving!

Even though it was a really, really long day (didn't get home until nearly 9 and it was the first time we'd been home since we left for school/work) the kids had a lot of fun and I'm glad I took them.

I'm hoping next week is going to be better than this week has been.  However, I do realize that I have to get my very first cavity EVER fixed, Brooke and Nash are getting tubes (and Brooke's adenoids out), I have another Relay for Life meeting, AND Sam is performing at the Caprielle Review on Friday night.  Let's hope that it's not quite as disastrous as this week has been seeing how Travis will be home to shoulder half the burden!

Happy Friday!

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