Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The funny thing about kids...

The funny thing about kids is that none of them are alike...not even a little bit.  You have one kid and you think "Wow.  Ok, I've got this down.  I can handle another one."  And then another one comes and it's like getting hit with a semi truck all over again!

By the time Brookelyn came along, I wasn't in denial about kids being alike any more.  I knew she'd be different than the others.  Sure, some things would be the same, or similar, but there would be a lot of differences too.

Given that my kids are 9, 6 1/2, 3 1/2 and 9 1/2 months you'd like I'd quit making assumptions, right?  Apparently not.

This morning Nash woke me up at 7 am telling me, "Mom.  I'm sick."  Yes, I was aware of this son.  So, I ask, "Why?"  His reply came back as, "I just threw up all over the couch."  Awesome.  On the bright side, I know he didn't eat his dinner last night because his throat hurt so lucky for me, it was mostly water.  I can deal with that.

Yesterday after Caleb's dermatologist appointment I called Cache Valley ENT to change Caleb's appointment that was this morning to an appointment for Nash.  The kid is FOREVER complaining that his ears hurting.  I've had the ENT and the pediatrician look at them multiple times.  We've had his hearing tested (he has above average hearing).  However, he's been complaining for about 3-4 days that he's dizzy.  When we were at the pediatrician's office with Nash yesterday he said that one ear had fluid in it and the tube was no longer in.  In fact, it looked like there was debris in there that might need cleaned out.  The other ear still had a functioning THREE YEAR OLD tube in it (Sam's three year old tube resulted in a surgery to repair the hole from the tubes that wouldn't heal on its own).  I felt bad dragging him out of the house after he'd been throwing up, but I didn't want to lose that appointment.  Especially since I know that the dizzies can make you nauseated.

I dropped Sam at school, called in to work, and left Caleb and Brooke at daycare.  Caleb was funny when I told him I was taking Nash to the dr.  He says, "Not me?"  "No Caleb, not you."  "But MOM!  I still have spots!"

We were scheduled with the PA today at the ENT's office (which is fine because I like her).  We told her what was going on and she has a look in Nash's ears.  Hmm...left ear looks good - tube still in.  Right ear...hmmm...looks like there's a blue shadow behind that fluid filled ear drum.  CRAP.  We had his hearing tested.  There is some negative pressure in the right side (this could cause pain).  He's missing some of the lower tones on the right side (sounds all too familiar - his sister did this).  There is no hole in the right side which means that if the tube is behind the ear drum, it isn't coming out anytime soon (something new here).  Off we go to the other room to look at his ear under the microscope.  The PA called our favorite ENT, Dr. Blotter, in to have a gander at said right ear.  Yep, blue shadow.  What does this mean?  Well, in the 12 years that Dr. Blotter has been doing this, he's had THREE cases where the tubes fell out backwards into the ear drum rather than going out forward into the ear canal where they can then just fall out of the ear.  Only my child would make case number four.  In fact, let's be honest, it's a miracle that the other three cases he's had where this happened haven't been from three of my own children!

So, what are our options?  1-Well, we can leave it alone.  The tube wouldn't cause pain because they put things bigger than a tube in people's ears and they do just fine.  2-We could remove the tube and take the functioning tube out as well.  Then, give it time for the holes in the ear drum to heal.  Or, 3-We can go in, take out both tubes and put two new functioning tubes in.  Given our history, what's the best option?  Why choice number three of course!  Not only was I figuring that, but the ENT came right out and said it was the best choice based on our family history because, "You're family has been pretty bad, pretty consistently."  Couldn't have said it better myself man.  My next question, "Could we possibly schedule him for the same day as his little sister next week?"  "Sure!  I just signed off on her paperwork yesterday."

Even the PA told Dr. Blotter we should have a punch pass for buy nine get one free.  I smiled and said, "Actually, Brooke is getting set 10 for our family so Nash will be getting set 11."  Why couldn't I have just married an ENT?  That would have solved it, right?  Probably not.  They'd probably all have teeth or skin issues and perfect ears if that were the case!


Heather said...

Your family is just super special! You have the best ear stories of anyone I know. It's uncanny how it can happen to YOU so many times! :) Good luck.

Amanda Griggs said...

ROFL! This is hilarious on 5 or 10 different levels! If you married and ENT you would have all the free tubes you need!~

Tannie Datwyler said...

I'll say it again - your doctor stories AMAZE ME!!

Chad & Cassidy said...

That sucks! Sorry :( Is it too late for Trav to change his major? lol