Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cache Valley Specialty Hospital

Oh Cache Valley Specialty Hospital, how we visit you too frequently.  Today we came to visit again.  We were lucky enough to visit you to receive our 10th and 11th set of tubes.  And don't forget the fourth adnoidectomy you gave to us today as well!

My baby girl was so happy and smiley this morning before we came to visit you.  After our visit, she woke up angry at the world.  Now, she sleeps.  How I hope she will sleep off her angry-ness soon.  I do not like seeing my baby so sad.  Dr. Blotter told me that her left ear was super red and inflamed.  It was a good thing we had our visit today.  Lucky for us, Dr. Blotter was able to put a small catheter in her incision and flush the ear out.  I hope that she does not get an infection now.  I also hope that she does not finally break out in an allergic reaction to the Amoxicillan they gave her.

My big boy won the "Best kid to wake up from surgery EVER" award as a result of our visit today.  No whimpering or crying at all.  The only difficulty he had was, "I can't see!" to which I had the pleasure of responding "Well, open your eyes you nerd and you'll be able to see just fine."  Once he opened his eyes, he was perfect.  I am thinking he might even be able to go back to school tomorrow!

We were lucky to leave our visit soon after we arrived.  In fact, we were home a little after 9 am.  I must say, I am impressed.  You never let us leave before 10 or 11 am!

So, here we are, after our visit to you and I'm remembering all our other visits:

January 2005 - Sam adenoids
May 11, 2005 - Sam tubes
June 2005 - Sam tubes
March 2006 - Sam & Nash tubes
December 2007 - Nash tonsils, adenoids, and tubes
March 2009 - Nash tubes & Caleb tubes, tonsils & adenoids
April 2009 - Caleb tubes
January 2011 - Sam tonsils & ear hole repair
March 2012 - Nash tubes & Brookelyn tubes and adenoids

Wow.  That is a depressing list of visits!  It doesn't include Samantha's traumatic arm breaking either!  Of course, that was at LRH.  It also does not include Nash's bout with Rheumatic Fever because that too was at LRH.  Oh Cache Valley Specialty Hospital I am so glad to have you but I also do not like you!

Yesterday Travis was watching kids while I was at the dentist.  Apparently he was playing guitar and watching Brookelyn at the same time.  Sister loves to listen to her daddy play his guitar.  I guess she must have been ready for a nap because after a little bit of Ozzy's Crazy Train, he noticed little sister like this:


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Tannie Datwyler said...

That picture is hilarious. What a cutie! That's crazy how much you've been at the specialty hospital!!