Sunday, March 11, 2012

My little leprechaun

Friday night Sam danced for the MC Caprielle Review.  We ended up leaving the boys with Trav's parents. The boys hate sitting through dance stuff because it usually lasts quite awhile.  Lucky for the boys, Grandma and Grandpa decided to take them to see the movie "We bought a zoo".  Apparently, it's not so much a kid movie.  Cute, but not geared for 3-6 year olds. :)
After Sam was done dancing we went back to North Logan to get the boys.  (See my facebook page for the video of Sam's dance.)  Grandma has all her St. Patrick's day decorations out.  My kids love Grandma Kris's holiday decorations.  She always has stuff out to decorate that make cute decorations, but the kids can play with it too!  Little sister enjoyed dressing up as a leprechaun and playing with her big sister.

On Saturday Travis took Sam and Nash snow skiing up to Beaver mountain.  Travis's sister, her husband, their five year old, Travis's dad, Travis's brother and his four year old went too.  Unfortunately, on the second run our nephew had a face vs. ski accident and Grandpa and Uncle Chad had to take Kash down the mountain to the hospital.  He ended up with stitches and now he looks like he's growing a mustache on one side of his face.  He should be fine, but Travis's brother spent the day quite upset about the whole situation.
I took Caleb and Brooke out to Travis's parents' house after they got off the mountain.  Brooke was in dire need of a nap and was fighting it pretty good.  She slept for most of the ride to North Logan but then woke up.  She was pretty happy to see Grandpa.  Grandpa was pretty excited to got to hug both his little girls!

Travis heads back to work tonight.  That means that we are officially kicking off our count down to Disneyland!  Samantha & I leave with my mom and "my other mother" exactly two weeks from today!  Should be a fast and furious two weeks to fly right by!  We are super excited to go (I am in much need of a vacation).  I think Travis is a bit apprehensive about the whole idea even though he won't admit it.  Look out California, here we come!  I hope my house and my other children survive a week without me!

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