Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Callahans

So I bought myself a new Kindle Fire before heading to California.  I downloaded a bunch of free books onto it that I thought looked as though they might be good ones.  I also downloaded a few samples to read before deciding if I want to purchase those particular books.

The Callahans: The Complete Series

The first book I read, which actually was a series of 5 books, was called The Callahans.  I read all five books in under a week.  I think that this shall be a new favorite of mine!  These books were amazing!  They begin in the late 1800s and span through WW2.  It's about 2 main characters who eventually marry.  It details there life here in SLC and abroad.  I told my mom, "You know, I was aware of the events that occurred during the time span, but I didn't realize that a person alive that long ago would be a witness so so many of these amazing world events."  It is true!  The book hits the following events: European immigration to the States, transcontinental railroad, Alaska gold rush, doing away with polygamous marriage, the beginning of the Morman missionary program, 1906 earthquake, early 1900 mine strikes in UT, UT statehood, Spanish-American war in Cuba, the Titanic, WW1, the beginnings of Hollywood, the Great Depression, and WW2.  It never dawned on me that someone born in the mid 1800s, and survived into adulthood, would witness so many amazing world events.

The book does have a strong LDS theme to it.  It details the struggles one man has in letting go of his Catholic faith and accepting the LDS faith.

Without giving the whole series away, all I can say is that this series was amazing!  I plan to call my grandpa and inform him it is a series he MUST read!  Even though I have the books on my Kindle, I find myself wishing I had hard copies.  I have a feeling these will be read again - and that's not something I usually do!

Happy Reading!

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