Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Happy Easter

For Easter I took all four kids and went to Manti.  Caleb has been asking since we came home from Manti at Christmas when he could go see Grandpa Butter again.  I gotta give it to him, the boy LOVES his great grandpa and the farm!
On Saturday morning we went to the town Easter egg hunt.  I think it was Sam that asked why it's called an Easter egg hunt when they don't even hide the eggs!  Good point.  The egg hunt down there is nothing like here at home.  They take the city park and divide it into 3 different areas 1-ages 0-3, 2-ages 4-7 and 3-ages 8-5th grade.  So yes, I had 4 kids in 3 different arenas.  Obviously I opted to stay with the little ones.  I threw a few tootsie rolls in B's basket but other than that just helped point out candy to Caleb.  They all got more than enough candy!  It was beautiful weather for the egg hunt this year, it was just kinda chilly.

Saturday afternoon we headed out to Easter Hollow (White Hills) for the Whitlock party.  There wasn't as many in attendance as there usually is, but it was still fun.  The weather was amazing!  B's head got a bit sunburned!  Grandma Kris even busted out the sunscreen for the kids!  The kids were climbing this big hill and loved playing in the dirt.  Later they threw (rather than rolled) their eggs off the hill.  It was fairly entertaining to watch from the bottom.

Saturday night the kids dyed Easter eggs (again) at Grandma Bown's house.  We had to have all our egg knockin' eggs dyed!  They kids were excited to color eggs again - this time with Grandma Kris & Aunt Jamie AND their cousins!

Sunday morning the kids woke up and had to find their Easter baskets.  The Easter Bunny didn't hide any of them too difficult this year.  

Notice the candy in sister's hand & mouth?  Yeah, the Easter Bunny DID NOT leave her any candy.  Sister has turned into Swiper the Fox from Dora & managed to get what she wanted out of her brother's bucket.  Luckily I caught her before she choked on any wrappers!

I love her chubby little chocolate face!

Checking out the treasures they got in their baskets.

Sunday afternoon we had the Bown party at the farm.  All the kids got Easter baskets and a few Easter eggs that had candy in them.  These were the best pictures I could get of my kids!

And last, but not least, my baby turned 11 months old yesterday!  Where has the time gone?  Suddenly she's such a big girl!  She says "dada", "Daw (dog)", "Char (Charlotte)", "Sis (for Sam)", "Na (for Nash)", "hi" and "yea".  She has got some of the best facial expressions I've ever seen on a kid.  She grins like there's no tomorrow and she's generally quite happy.  She has 6 teeth now & loves ALL food!  In fact, when I gave her a piece of strawberry the other day she snarfed up hers, realized Caleb had a bowl full and started screaming at him and smacking him until he forked some of his over!  My mom says, "Well, she does come from a long line of good eaters."  It's true, she does, we LOVE our food!  Her hair has gotten quite long and we've been doing a top knot on her head.  She had managed to pull it out before I got her picture though.  At least she's eating a cracker and not one of her bows like usual!  And the trait I find the most amusing (until some time in the very near future), she gets the same mischievous look in her eyes that Caleb does!  We ARE in trouble!

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