Thursday, April 26, 2012


In my last phone dump post I posted a picture of Brookelyn eating a strawberry.  It so happens I took a bunch on my camera of that same strawberry eating.  You can tell how excited she is about it.

I love this one.  She looks like: "mmmm..this is so good.  What are you looking at?!"

This is such a Caleb face

This is totally a Caleb face too!  You can tell she's watching me trying to figure out what I'm doing.

Sam with her newest dance trophy.  This was at the Clearfield High School competition last weekend.  She competes again tomorrow night.  She'll have another trophy and probably a couple ribbons from that one.  I really need to get her a trophy shelf....soon.

It would appear that summer is already here.  Caleb has been digging like no tomorrow in the dirt by the fence in the backyard.  Apparently, he's not only digging in it, he's also eating and snorting it.

And here's where I realize I haven't taken any photos of Nash this past week or two.  That poor kid!  I always say he has middle child syndrome!  No wonder!  Actually, he's been sick.  Yesterday at work I got a phone call telling me he threw up in class.  The poor kid had to lay in the sick room for two hours before I could get off work and get there!  I didn't answer my phone when they called because I was with my students.  My class had just gotten underway and it's an hour and fifteen minute class.  When I did finally get the message, my fifth graders were on their way into class.  I did a half class with them so that I could get all the explanations they needed before I dismissed them.  Then I had a 10 minute drive from the school I was at to his school!  Poor kid actually ended up throwing up about five times yesterday.  He was home again today and seems to be doing much better.  I'm going to send him to school tomorrow despite the pleas I know I'm going to hear!  It was actually terrible timing for him to get sick.  I was observed TWICE today so I couldn't stay home with him!  Good thing Grandma closes at work on Thursdays and Grandpa was available between when Grandma left & I could get there.

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Chad & Cassidy said...

Love the pics of Bob and Duleb. Especially with the "eating and snorting it" comments. What's wrong with being the middle child? I turned out perfect ;)