Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A follow up to yesterday

Today I was talking to my girlfriend about B's ear situation.  I figured the following:

1-If my kids' surgeries had all been done separately, we would have endured 19 surgeries/operations at our house.
2-We have paid a MINIMUM of $9,600 for tubes/adenoids/tonsils for 4 kids.
     a - if our deductible hasn't been met, we pay a MINIMUM of $1,100 per surgery.
     b - if our deductible has been met, we pay a MINIMUM of $800 per surgery
     c - I figured $9,600 by multiplying 12 surgeries x $800
     d - this figure does not include Samantha's broken arm when she had to be sedated and her arm set
     e - this figure is only the hospital amount, not the co-pays to the ENT, co-pays to the pediatrician, co-pays for prescriptions, or the anesthesia bill, or the surgery bill for the ENT

Yes, this thoroughly depressed me.  Why?  That's a TON of money.  And, I figure we've got a few more surgeries to endure.  Why?  Brooke has her second one coming up and Caleb has only had 2 sets of tubes (Sam & Nash have had 4) and Brooke has only had tubes and adenoids - not tonsils (other 3 have had tonsils out too).

What's unfortunate is that this total doesn't include our dental bills.  And yes, we have AT LEAST 1 set of braces and an implant in our future.

I think I will seriously recommend DNA testing for my children before they marry!  That or suggest they all go to ENT school or marry a doctor!

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