Saturday, April 21, 2012


Samantha was told about a week and a half ago that she would need glasses so she could finally see the white board at school.  I took her into the eye dr. back in Oct. and she was boarderline then.  Since she's complained about sore eyes and headaches all year I broke down and took her back in again.  The last time we went in the dr. told us that she was still boarderline.  I told him I was going to get her the glasses anyway because of all the trouble she's had.  He said he'd give me a slightly stronger prescription then because if he went with what she was now she wouldn't be able to tell a difference when she had her glasses on.  Even though she was sick the day we went to the dr.'s office she was a trooper and picked out her new glasses.  They finally came in on Thursday last week so we went and picked them up.  I think they are super cute on her.  They don't even hide her amazing baby blues too much.  I did tell her the headaches would likely get worse before they get better since it would take some adjusting for her eyes to get use to the glasses.  Sure enough, today she was complaining about a headache again.  Lucky for me after I gave her some ibuprofen she was miraculously cured!

Today Samantha and her dance team completed in the Showtyme Classic Dance Competition down at Clearfield High School.  She just did two of her dances - ballet and jazz.  Both her dances took second place and she got a trophy.  She's pretty excited about her newest trophy and loves showing it off.  Next Friday she competes again so I'm sure we'll be adding at least one more trophy to the collection.  I think her dad's going to have to build her a shelf just for dance trophies!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

She looks way cute with those glasses!! :)