Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cheaper by the dozen

Today I took Brookelyn back into the ENT to have her follow up again.  Her right ear was clogged...again.  Fortunately for her, we didn't hold her down and unclog it.  Dr. Blotter has decided we need to remove the tube that's in her right ear now and replace it with not just one, but two, brand new tubes (a different kind of course).  So, we had the pleasure of scheduling TUBE ROUND 12 today.  Yep.  An even dozen.  Oy.

You know, I knew this was coming and I had been telling my family this was coming.  Jinxed it, right?  No, was trying to mentally prepare myself.  You know what?  It didn't help!  I'm still bummed out for my poor baby girl that she has to have another round of tubes already.

Dr. Blotter suggests we leave the left ear alone because it has been working (and looking) beautifully.  My fear is that as soon as she comes out from having a second one put into the right ear that the left ear is going to start acting up and giving us the run around.  Guess all I can do is cross my fingers, right?

Now we play the waiting game.  Because of my work schedule and the schedule the kids have right now, I had to wait to get her in until May 16th.  We could have gone in on May 3rd, but then I'd have to miss work...again.  Can't do that to my students right now because that is their last week of class to prepare their final presentations that they've been working so hard on since January!  I'm just hoping that she doesn't end up with another ear infection in that ear between now and then!

I asked Dr. Blotter today if there is any other family that he knows of that has bought as many tubes as we have.  His answer was a resounding No.  He said that he has one guy who's nine and is getting his fifth set of tubes, but as far as a family goes, nope, we pretty much take the cake.  I told him I should start a support group I guess!  I can laugh about it now, but lets wait and see what Sam's allergy testing says on May 10th.  We might not be laughing any more!  Good thing we're done having kids, I can't afford any more medical bills!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Well... all I can say is, don't get 13 sets. :) 12 is lucky... but you know what they say about 13.