Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ear surgery & the park

 Here are the only two pictures I got from little sister's ear surgery yesterday:
She was super, super happy before they took her back.  I was surprised because she was awake at about 630 am & she usually isn't up until an hour or so later than that.  She was just crawling all over the place, jabbering up a storm.  The nurses kept telling me how cute she was.  In fact, one nurse told me, "If all your babies are this cute, you need to have a dozen!"  When I told her B was number four she told me, "Well, you've got a good start."  Ha!  No way could I do a dozen!

I was glad I took her Minnie Mouse that Grandma Terri gave her for her birthday.  She spent a lot of time loving on Min Mouse.

Dr. Blotter (our ENT) said that when he cut into her ear drum it was thick (like scar tissue almost) because of all the ear infections she's had.  He said that her ear was inflamed and that he actually had to flush her ear out FOUR times.  He said that he had gone back and forth about what kind of tube or tubes to put in her ear.  He said he finally came to the decision that if it was his daughter, he would use a titanium tube (not a T tube) and he would use one that had a slightly larger opening in it.  He said that he was just very worried that if he put two in her little ear drum that it would perforate and then we'd have to go to repair mode like we did Sam.  We are doing drops 3 x a day for about five days.  Her first follow up appointment is May 29.  Cross your fingers her tube is open & not clogged when we go because I don't know what any of us will do if it's clogged again!

Recently little sister has gotten quite an attitude!  This is the face (along with a high pitched scream) I get when she wants my phone & I refuse to give it to her.

I took the boys & B to the park while Sam was a dance tonight.  She was thrilled that I got her out of her carseat and let her crawl around on the grass.  Usually by the time we get there she's so tired she just needs to konk so I don't let her get out and within five minutes she's out cold.

 Not super thrilled about the grandma butt I got in this photo, but oh well.

This was taken the other day when we walked/rode bikes down to the park at Lincoln Elementary.  B loved going down the slide with her siblings.

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