Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Aquatic Center vs Me...& 4 kids...& a whole lot of other people but none of which are there to help me!

The last time Travis was home Nash & I had an appointment at the chiropractor.  While I was in the office, I noticed a flyer saying that they were having a customer appreciation pool party on Wednesday, June 13.  I figured I'd get tickets (since they were free) and perhaps...maybe...think about taking the kids.
Since they have been loving swim lessons and have been doing really well with it.  I figured what the heck I'm already plastered with a rash from head to toe.  The chlorine I'm also freakishly allergic to can't possibly make this rash any worse, right?  Time will tell. :)
Despite my best efforts to get my friend & her kids to go with me (completely in vain I might add) I loaded up the kids & we headed in to the pool.  The party was suppose to start at 7:30 pm & last until 9:30 pm.  I didn't figure I'd last much more than an hour because let's face it; one adult, four kids and an aquatic center chuck full of people is bound to give me chest pains.
I gave the kids specific directions on the way in to the pool.  I figured it would be falling on deaf ears but what the heck, I'll give my spill anyway.  Apparently, today, my directions did not fall on deaf ears!  Wahoo!  Much to my very pleasant surprise, all directions were followed, no one drown (or nearly drown), there was no fighting & no arguing.  I know, I'm still in shock just thinking about it! 
Samantha & Caleb partnered up & stayed in the shallow pool the entire time we were there.  Nash braved the water slides twice and even the deep pool.  Brookelyn didn't fight me when I put a life jacket on her & she turned into quite the little fishie.  She kept batting my hands away thinking she was just going to walk off in the pool all by herself like a big girl.  I was holding her hands and walking around with her in water that came up to about my knees.  All the sudden she would just lay back, lift her toes up out of the water, start kicking & just grin at me.  The girl loved it!  The only pictures I got were when I took her out of the pool to give my back a rest!

There was free watermelon & the kids didn't miss out on that!

Brooke was happy with just the Capri-Sun I gave her.

Much to my surprise we didn't leave until about 9:10 pm!  I was shocked!  I thought that things would go quite differently for us tonight.  After such a good experience tonight I don't think I'll hesitate to take my kids back - even if I don't have someone to go with me!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

Hooray for good kids!! That sounds way fun. I miss the aquatic center....