Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A few random photos & swim lessons

Since the Plaquenil has been working so well I've been able to get back to my sewing projects.  Maybe I should say since I had an allergic reaction to the Plaquenil & need something to occupy my hands 100% of the time I have been able to get back to my sewing projects.  Either way, I'm sewing again!
Today I finished this shirt for Sam that I cut out for her about last August.  I've tried to gather all the patterns & all the fabric that I've bought over the last year or so to make school clothes for the kids.  I won't lie, most of the clothes are for Sam.  My thought was that if I get started on them now they might be done for school this year!  If I don't get going on them they'll have to wait until Brooke is big enough to wear them!  I was proud of myself on this shirt - I did it all by myself (no help from mom at all!)  The pattern did say to put elastic in the waist so it was more fitted, but she liked it like this & didn't want the elastic in (honestly, I'm good with that!)

The other day I also finished this pillowcase dress for my niece.  I made one for her big sister last May for her birthday & kept the extra to make one to match on purpose.  I also finished the one for Brooke that matches Sam's, but I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

The kids have been loving their swim lessons.  Sadly, tomorrow is their last day!  I can't believe that it went by so quick!  The kids are bummed they won't be going to the pool every day anymore.  I am trying to convince Travis that we need to sign them up for at least 1 more if not 2 more sessions this summer.  I'm hoping he'll concede & I can sign all three up for lessons that would run July 16-Aug 9.  We'll see.

These boys are just too cute together.

Sam doing the back float

Caleb's class got to put on life jackets & float on their backs today.  Caleb was pretty excited about it.

First they floated in the shallow pool & then they went over to the deep pool & floated over there.

They have the kids in Caleb's class "bunny hop" or "ride a pony" when they go from one side of the pool to the other.  Caleb loves it - I think it's hilarious that he keeps his hands like this:

They started letting the kids in Sam's class jump into the pool the other day.  They were so glad!  They had been watching the other kids do it & would ask me every day why they didn't get to cannonball into the pool.

Caleb has done so well in lessons.  I seriously debated about whether he was old enough to even bother putting him in.  His mid session report said he was one of his teacher's top students!  Made me glad I went against my gut & enrolled him in lessons!  He's blowing bubbles in this picture:

I told Travis when I talked to him tonight that we should have signed all the kids up for swim lessons ages ago.  Part of the reason we didn't is because Sam has been so afraid of water that I didn't even want to bring it up with her.  I am amazed at how quickly she's pushed that aside.  I wondered if her fear would return when we were at the pool tonight & she wasn't in her class.  Much to my pleasant surprise, she jumped right in as though she hadn't a second thought about it!  I'm really hoping the improved attitude that Caleb & Sam have gained towards the water will last them for their entire lives and not just this swim season.  I really hope that Nash's ability to learn new strokes/techniques quickly will last him.  I think we may have found his "thing" (like dance is for Sam).  Who knows?  All I know is I have four kids that absolutely love the water & would spend the entire summer in the pool if I left them!

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