Friday, June 22, 2012

Caleb's first day of "summer school"

Today Caleb finally, FINALLY got to go to "summer school" at Miss Shannon's house.  He has been dying about the fact that his brother and sister have been going to school since Monday & he has not yet been able to go.  This was the third week of summer camp at Miss Shannon's but because of swim lessons we missed the first two weeks.  Yes, he was deeply disappointed & asked when he was going to get to go EVERY SINGLE DAY.
Today at summer school they learned about cats/dogs/pets.  The kids each got to make either a cat or a dog.  Caleb chose to make a dog.  I love that it's 2 different colors like our Charlotte.  He loves this little dog & I have a feeling he's going to be packing it around everywhere for awhile.

Today we also took all four kids to the Logan Aquatic Center despite Nash still being croupy & Brookelyn being very sad.  I am pretty sure Brookelyn is working on one, maybe two, molars.  She just has not been the same happy little muchkin that she usually is.  I was hoping that being in the pool would cheer her up.  Turns out, it did.  And not only that, the girl worked herself into an exhaustion nap!  She's been trying to quit taking naps (no, not my idea) lately.  We got barely 2 blocks from the pool and she was out cold - snoring - loudly!  Caleb followed suit not too many blocks later.  I do have pictures of our excursion but seeing that it's 2 am & I really only got on here to add the name of the book I just finished, I will wait to upload them until tomorrow!

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