Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Our Daddy's Home!

For Father's Day this year I made my own dad some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip with Walnut cookies.  Brookelyn "helped" and licked the spatula clean!  I love that all 4 of my babies love cookie dough as much as I do!

 Yesterday Travis spent the day washing the vehicles.  The kids & I got bored so we busted out the bike.  I haven't taken any kids on my bike since Caleb was about 2.  Brookelyn LOVED the ride & she LOVED her helmet!

Caleb was pretty stoked about getting to ride in the trailer too.

We rode the 2 miles or so to Grandma Terri's house & Travis came down & picked us up.  Samantha rode her bike along with me.  Nash wasn't feeling well so he stayed home with his dad.

Here's Caleb's face after being glued and after he managed to pull half the glue off!  Grrr.. Dang kid!  Splits his face open jumping from one couch to the other & makes it so I have to haul him to the pediatrician.  I pay the co-pay & spend the time waiting in the dr.'s office.  All just to have him pull half the glue off before the day was even over!

He asked me if I'd use my glue to glue it back up.  The only glue I had was Elmer's Glue & rubber cement.  After much begging and some tears, I finally put some rubber cement on his face.  Now it just looks like he has dry rubber cement boogers on top of the last half of his super glue!  As I looked at it a second ago, it also looks like a bunch of skin has come off around the area where it split open - think popped blister amount of skin missing.  Guess I'll have to take another photo tomorrow!

We took the kids to the splash pad in Providence today.  Even though it was only about 70 degrees today and the wind was blowing the kids still had fun.  Well, they had fun until Sam skinned her toe and then she was crying!

Before we went to the splash pad we stopped at the library.  The kids got to have their summer reading checked off and pick a sucker off the sucker tree.  No one won a prize with their sucker this time, maybe next time.  They were also doing a make and take at the library cafe today.  I had forgot that they were doing a few different activities throughout the months of June & July.  The kids each made a little bird nest with three birds.

On our way home from the splash pad we stopped at Grandma Terri's house to get some ground beef.  Travis got to talking to Grandpa Larry about fishing.  Next thing I know we're headed home to get fishing poles!  We took Grandpa's boat and went out on Hyrum Dam.  It was our first boat outing this year.  Brookelyn loved it!  She thought the wind in her hair was great!  It was beautiful when we got there.  Very little boat traffic and the water was nice.  

We kinda killed it with the fish tonight too!  Nash caught 2, Caleb caught 1, Sam caught 1 and Grandpa caught 2.  Sam caught hers on my pole I got for my birthday.  It was the first time we had the pole out to use it!  Nash caught his fish on the fishing pole Grandpa Russ & Grandma Ruth gave him for his birthday this year.  First time out for that pole too!

Tomorrow the kids are going to summer school again (yep, meanest mom ever).  While the big kids are at summer school I'm going to take Caleb (and maybe Brookelyn) out to the Historical Farm to go to story time.  Last time we went we ended up getting to ride the train.  Who knows what tomorrow's story time will bring!
We are having a good time while Travis is home.  We are suppose to go swimming at the aquatic center with some friends on Thursday after summer school.  Caleb also gets to go to his first day of  "summer school" on Thursday too.  He's so super excited.  He loves Miss Shannon & has missed going to preschool two days a week.  He'll be thrilled when he figures out he gets to go three times a week this next school year!  We have a wedding on Friday and Travis has to take a test for school on Friday too.  Friday night/Saturday morning we're taking the kids and going camping.  I have no idea where we're going to end up, but we're taking the trailer and we're heading out!


Tannie Datwyler said...

FUN times!! You are always so good to get your kids out and about. You are always doing something fun.

Did they change the reading program at the Logan Library? They used to just give a book every time you checked off the reading.

Anonymous said...

Tannie - we do the summer reading program with the Hyrum library so I'm pretty sure it is different.