Sunday, June 17, 2012

It's the simple things that make me smile

The other night as I was getting things ready for bed, I caught a glimpse of Caleb on the couch out of the corner of my eye.  How this kid sleeps in these kinds of positions & doesn't wake up feeling like he slept in a suitcase is beyond me!

Lately little sister has not been her happy little self.  I'm certain she's working on one, possibly 2, molars.  She has been pulling at her right ear (the one that's had 2 sets of tubes in it) all week.  I finally caved & took her to see the ENT again yesterday.  Although the right ear looked excellent, we had to unclog the left one (curses!).  We are now back on ear drops for another week.  The left ear wasn't infected or anything, but the tube was blocked.
Yesterday since Brooke was just so sad I striped her down & put her in her high chair & then gave her a chocolate peanut butter hi hat cupcake.  You would think she died & had gone to heaven.  Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better!

Today I picked the first official picking of my strawberry patch.  They don't look too big in the picture, but the two top berries are about the same size as the ones you get in the store.  Of course, after I snapped this picture I had to sample them!  They are so juicy & totally tasty!  My patch is loaded with berries that are ripening quickly.  I hope we get enough I can make at least one batch of strawberry jam!

Tonight Caleb had some chocolate ice cream & when I got up from the table he was squishing his cheeks & grinning as big as he could at me.  Totally made me smile.  I grabbed the camera but he started to shy away. Still a pretty cute stinker I caught on camera though.

Last year at the Farmer's Market in Hyrum, my dad bought Sam some fluorescent green flip flops that had tule ties around the top.  Dad only paid $1.00 & they lasted until just recently.  Sam wore the heck out of those suckers.  In thinking about on site fundraising for Relay, my mom thought it would be a good idea to make some.  Yesterday I picked up some flip flops from the dollar store.  I helped mom pick out some more from JoAnns and then we picked out some tule to go with it.  Mom dropped it all off at my house last night & I got all the tule cut into strips.  Tonight my girlfriend came down & we decided to start working on putting them together.  Neither one of us thought we'd get many done (we had 25 pairs).  Amazingly, we got every single pair done!  They turned out pretty stinkin' cute too.  We're hoping we can get $5.00 a pair out of them.  If they sell really well we'll have to do it again next year.  They were super easy to do the biggest pain in the rear end was cutting all the tule into strips! 

Relay for Life is only 26 days away!  My team fundraising has reached just over $1,000.  My goal for this year was to hit $1,500.  The first year we did Relay we did about $1,900.  I still have 4 boxes of Cards for a Cause.  If I can sell those that would mean an extra $195 for my fundraising.  If we sell all 25 pair of flip flops at $5 each, that would be another $125 for our fundraising.  We also have a quilt that we are doing an "opportunity drawing" for.  Tickets are $1 each.

With the help of a few people I've been able to secure $6,000 in sponsorship's for Relay this year.  That doesn't count all the things that have been donated instead of money either.  Our event fundraising goal this year is $150,000.  I'll be happy if we meet last years mark of $97,000.  I think Grandma would be absolutely astounded at Relay and what it accomplishes each year.  It makes me happy that my own kids, as young as they are, realize how important Relay is & that they want to be a part of it.  I hope the team I've created in Grandma's memory sees many, many, many more Relays.

In an effort to bribe Sam to behave for her first round of allergy shots I asked her what she wanted in order to not freak out at getting her shot.  She told me she wanted a "grandma day with Grandma Terri."  My mom graciously agreed that if she got her shot without making a dramatic scene that she could have a grandma day.  Since she didn't create a fuss over the shot (honestly, I was shocked) she got to have her grandma day last weekend.  It was actually a sleepover and an all day grandma day.

A day or two later my mom asked Nash what he was going to do to earn his grandma day.  He quickly replied that he too was being allergy tested.  Again, my mom agreed that if he got all the shots, etc. without a dramatic scene he too could have a grandma day.  Well, Nash is my tough kid and there wasn't a scene at all.  So, last night my mom stopped to pick Nash up so he could have his sleepover and grandma day.

As my mom was leaving with Nash, Caleb got so upset because he too wanted a grandma day.  My mom reminded Caleb that in order to get his grandma day he had to do something to earn it.  We had already decided that he had to use the potty for a whole week without any accidents in order to earn his grandma day.  I've been putting pull ups on Caleb at night only for about 3 weeks.  He still has accidents, but it's better than putting a pull up on him.  He's developed this theory that if he wears a pull up he doesn't have to rush to the bathroom if he needs to potty because he has a pull up on.  Thus, we did away with the pull ups except for at night time.  Considering how stubborn the kid is I'm surprised that he's doing as well as he is.  Now, if I could just break him of going outside to pee instead of using the bathroom, I'd be thrilled!  Maybe he will be potty trained by his fourth birthday after all!

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