Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So much for that item on the bucket list!

This morning Caleb was using his pirate flying suit to "fly from couch to couch".  Apparently, the pirate flying suit doesn't work too well.  Little man fell & face planted on the foot rest of the couch.  This picture was taken when we got to the dr.'s office so he didn't have blood streaming down the middle of his face anymore!

Our pediatrician glued the wound back together.  Now it looks like this but with a big purple glue dot over it!  Dr. Clarke said that the glue should come off by Saturday.  It just so happens it's conveniently located directly below the Harry Potter scar he incurred 2 years ago.  At least he didn't split that one back open, right?  Guess I have to cross off the item on my summer bucket list that said, "Stay out of the dr.'s office!"

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