Friday, June 15, 2012

Last day of swim lessons

Thursday, June 14 was the last day of swim lessons for the kids.  They were still super excited to go but I also think they were bummed out that it was their last day of lessons.  We are talking about signing them up for at least one (maybe two) more sessions of lessons this summer but it wouldn't be until the end of July (after summer school).

Caleb was kind of a stinker today.  He kept hoping on one of his teachers' backs & getting a ride to where ever they were suppose to be bunny hopping to!

Each of the kids got a certificate with their name & level on them.  My kids' certificates all say Brown on them - big surprise!  Caleb was recommended to go to Preschool B when he turns 4.  The rest of the kids were recommended to re take level 1.  I think it's mostly because the amount of skills they want them to pass off.  Nash had 6 out of 10 skills passed off - not bad for 9 30 minute lessons considering that he's never had lessons before.  I think it was Nash & Carter that had the most skills passed off.

I am sad that they are done with their lessons because they have absolutely loved taking them.  It's been really good for Samantha because she's finally overcoming her fear of water & is actually sticking her head under water!  Nash has learned quite a bit and improved a ton in what he already knew.  Caleb has found a love of the water that is completely unhindered by fear (huge improvement from last summer).  Even if I don't end up signing them up for lessons again this summer, I will for sure sign them up again at least once next summer.  Thank you LAC we'll be back!

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