Sunday, June 10, 2012

A surprisingly busy Sunday

This past week has been crazy busy.  We've done swim lessons every day & then something just about every afternoon.  I even finally finished Nash's bear rag quilt that was part of his birthday!

I've also re-done my front porch.  Since Travis moved the swing off and into the back yard for the birthday party in May I was able to find some cute stuff & decorate my porch more how I've wanted.

Yesterday I spent the day cleaning & then baking/cooking all day.  I made pulled pork sandwiches, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate peanut butter hi hat cupcakes & cinnamon rolls!  When I woke up this morning, I kinda figured we would take the day to kick back & relax.  And then, I was washing my hands at the sink & glanced at my summer bucket list.  So, after Brooke entertained us with her cinnamon roll, we took a bath & got dressed to begin our busy day.
This was Brooke's first ever cinnamon roll.  At first she didn't know quite what to do.

After a little bit of assessing the situation, she dove right in, head first:

And loved it!

So she kept going back for more!

And at one point, was worried I was going to take her cinnamon roll!

I started to wonder if she was going to go into a sugar coma or wig out due to frosting overload.

Lucky for me, she recovered quickly.

And then to my surprise, she started on the bread part of the cinnamon roll!

After about 30 minutes, this is all that was left of her cinnamon roll!  Chubba chubba!

Once we were all showered & dressed I decided we should venture over to First Dam to feed the ducks.  We haven't been there in at least a year.  Last time we were there the ducks/geese were not afraid of people at all.  In fact, they'd come right up to the kids & try to snatch the bread right out of their hands!  Today they were much more timid.

Sister got mad because I wouldn't take her out of her stroller, but she loved watching all the birds.

Nash decided he was going to make a bread crumb trail to see if any of the ducks would come up on the sand & eat it.

Caleb even joined in & helped make the trail.

Sister wasn't impressed with the idea :)

The birds never did come up on the sand for it so eventually they scooped the bread up & threw it out in the water for them.

After we ran out of bread they decided to run down by the docks and throw rocks in.

At one point, Caleb waded into the water so he could throw his rock even further into the water.

I took Brooke down by the water & then she got really mad because I wouldn't take her out of her stroller.

After we left First Dam I thought it might be a nice enough day to go to the park.  I haven't been up to AJ's park (where Caleb got his Harry Potter scar) for 2 years (since the day Caleb got his Harry Potter scar!).  So, we went back out towards home & up into Blacksmith Fork Canyon & up to the park.  Unfortunately, it was windy & the wind was cold, so we only stayed about 20 minutes.  It was fun though - something different for the kids.

This is the slide where Caleb got hurt - he fell down the metal stairs & smashed his face.

After we got home I told the boys we'd have quiet time because Nash got carsick & I was hoping Brooke would go back to sleep.  Sam got to sleep over at Grandma Terri's last night so I figured the quiet time might actually work.  About 10 minutes into it my mom texted me & told me she & Sam were going to go see Madagascar 3 & wanted to know if the kids & I wanted to go.  So, since Brooke wasn't going back to sleep I decided what the heck & off we went!  The movie was really cute & all the kids were really good - even Brooke.  So much for a nice, quiet, stay at home Sunday!  Oh well, the kids had fun and so did I!

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Tannie Datwyler said...

WOW! That is busy - but sounds fun. I love the cinnamon roll picture.