Friday, June 8, 2012

Weekend Kickoff!

 Last night I finished a pillowcase dress I've been meaning to finish for quite some time.  It was one I'm doing for a friend of mine that is trading me some stuff.  I think the dress turned out super cute and it makes me a bit more excited to finish the one I have cut out that is for Brooke that matches Sam & the one for my niece Sunny that matches her sister Jade.  Guess I'll be back to sewing more often now!

And since I got the dress done, I didn't feel so guilty about picking up my trade items!  I got this new adorable yard stake (Land that I Love) and the cute black picture frame stand.  I found the two ceramic flowers at JoAnn's (on sale).  The birdhouse & the cute sunflowers almost cropped out of the picture came from her too!  You can find her blog here: - Mandy is amazing & has tons & tons of adorable stuff!  Check out her blog if you haven't looked at it before!

Tonight the kids & I, along with my girlfriend Laura & her kids went down to my parent's house to let the kids swim in the pool.  At the last minute I decided to take hot dog & s'more stuff too.  Glad I did because I found out her kids had never tried a hot dog roasted over a fire!  They tried them tonight & seemed to like them!  We got out the little pool for Brooke & Berkley.  Brooke loved it because it was like the tub but better because she could get in and out all she wanted.  Now she'll probably try & do that in the tub!

The big kids got in the big pool & had a blast!  They stayed in until they had blue lips & were shivering!  I think if the sun hadn't gone down they would have gotten back in!

This little swim suit was one she got for her birthday from my mom.  It's absolutely adorable on her!  It shows all her chubbiness and I love it!

Caleb intentionally jumped into the pool to do a cannonball tonight & went all the way to the bottom of the pool before coming back up!  He never would have done that intentionally before swim lessons!  He always kept his head above water!

Little sister didn't think much about getting in the big pool with the big kids.  I thought she'd like it but I think they were probably a bit too wild for her.

Notice where Brooke's foot is?  That's where she always puts it when she sits in this high chair.  I don't think that's normal & it doesn't look comfortable at all but apparently she likes it.

Last night Brooke was sitting in her high chair being so cute.  She was playing peek a boo with me and blowing kisses to me.

Today after swim lessons the kids each got a mid session report to take home.  Nash & Sam's just says what they have learned and what they are going to learn next week.  I figured I'd better get out the goggles because it says they're going to learn to open their eyes under water.  I am really impressed with how well Samantha has done.  She is so scared of water if what she's doing isn't on her own terms.  I really worried that she wouldn't even try half of what they wanted her to do.  She has amazed me though and she has been putting her face in the water every single day!  Nash, well, I think we have found Nash's niche in life.  This kid takes to the water like a fish.  He was a good swimmer before I signed him up (probably better than me and I took lessons my entire childhood).  He has caught on to what they have taught him so quickly and has been fearless to try the things they ask.  He already knew how to do just about everything they've already taught him.  The one skill he hadn't mastered he had down pretty dang quick by the next day.  I've told Travis we need to put him in at least 1 if not 2 more sessions this summer.  

Caleb's report amazed me.  It says that he is good at participating & following instructions!  It also said that he is a positive child and is one of her top students!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love my Caleb.  But, I will also be the first to admit that child is his mother's child & unfortunately that means he has inherited a stubborn streak a mile wide & 10 feet tall. He has an attitude that tops all others as well!  I seriously debated about whether to even enroll him in lessons because I worried he'd be a total stinker & I didn't want to throw $40 out the window.  Last year at Lake Powell it took Caleb 3 days to go any deeper in the water than his ankles.  For lessons he has been doing jumps into the pool and going under water.  He's putting his face in the water and blowing bubbles and I haven't even seen him give his teachers any attitude (and I've watched all 5 of their 30 minute lessons they've had).  Watching my kids has made me wish I had signed them up for lessons sooner.  At least now I know for when Brooke is a bit older!

Tonight I'm going to try & finish sewing Nash's bear quilt together so I can snip it tomorrow.  Tomorrow we will get our cleaning done & then do some baking!  We'll be making chocolate peanut butter hi hat cupcakes (again)!  I'm also planning to make pulled pork sandwiches for dinner.  Who knows what else we'll create.  I'm sure it will be yummy though!  

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Justin & Ashlee said...

I love the foot wrapped around onto the table! That is totally something Rylee would do. She is my monkey and has always, since day one, had her feet and toes in some weird position or doing some weird thing. She'll be coloring and I will look over and for some reason she will have one crayon in her toes! Crazy girls!