Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Swim lessons day 2 & 3 & a baseball game

We haven't slowed down yet this week!  We have gone to swimming lessons two more times.  I was watching Nash today & realized I think we might have found his niche.  He's good..really good...and fearless.  I probably should have started him in level 2 but figured they'd move him up if they felt he was ready.  He's quite a bit ahead of the rest of his class but they haven't said anything about moving him up yet.  I kinda think it might have to do with his extremely limited attention span. :)  I am impressed at how well Samantha has been doing as well.  I put a note on her registration card telling them she's afraid of water.  I haven't been able to get her to stick her head under water unless it's in her own time frame & on her own terms.  Much to my surprise, she's been doing it during lessons!  Way to go Sam!  Caleb has surprised me as well.  I debated about whether he was too young and listened well enough to even bother signing him up. I figured we'd give it a go & see how he did.  He's listening to his teachers very well (much to my surprise) and even sticking his head under water too!  I'm really glad we decided to do swim lessons and that they have gone so well!  The kids are still super excited to go every single day - which is good because they still have a whole week left! 

Waiting for lessons to start

Caleb's class learning to kick their legs

Caleb's class learning to blow bubbles

"Rocket Arms"

Sam & Nash's class learning to kick

Tonight we ventured out (despite the frigid temperature) to our friend's baseball game.  My girlfriend that watches the kids, Laura, has three boys.  Her two oldest are playing baseball this summer.  She told me his team was doing pretty good so we went to watch.  The kids had a lot of fun.  After the game was over we walked over to the nearby park & let the kids play a bit longer.  I keep wondering if these kids will ever get sick of each other but I think they see each other as much as they see their own siblings!

Our B & B

This kid's smile melts me every time

Carter in his uniform (Laura & I decided he needs some blue baseball socks with his white pants hiked up like the big guys & he'd be even more adorable!)

Nash & Zeke - these two are some crazy kids!  They were totally wrestling on the ground like WWF.  Not even joking - I saw Nash give Caleb an elbow to the gut!  Nobody ended up in tears though - much to all our surprises!

The great thing about not slowing down yet is that at least 1 if not more of my kids is out cold by about 8 pm and they sleep until I wake up them at 8 to get ready for swim lessons!  Last night I had 3 of the 4 asleep before 9 pm!  Tomorrow we are venturing to the river walk with our friends Amanda, Nolan & Isabelle.

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