Thursday, August 9, 2012

A trip to the Dr. & the Splash Pad

Yesterday I took B and Caleb to the pediatrician.  I called and made an appointment for Caleb because he's had a yucky nose for at least a week and I figured he had a sinus infection.  I took B with me because she's had this horrible rattle in her chest for the entire summer.  We were there for quite awhile because there was a NICU code that our pediatrician had to respond to.  He later told me that it was just someone in housekeeping had hit the button but they didn't bother to page him and let him know he didn't have to run all the way to the NICU!   
The kids were really good to entertain themselves while we waited though:

Turns out Caleb had a double ear infection (it begins again) and B has junk in her lungs that required a prescription.  So, after we finished up with the dr. we headed to Shopko to pick up two new prescriptions!

 I've been working on cutting out squares for I Spy quilts.  It all started about two months ago when Caleb's preschool teacher asked if anyone wanted to do a quilt block exchange to make I Spys.  I said yes - duh.  I figured that between my mom & I we would have enough scraps to make one.  Lets face it, mom & I have about one of everything in JoAnn's and close to that from the south Walmart too.  You need 144 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inch squares to do one I Spy quilt.  When I started cutting squares I figured I'd just raffle the I Spy off at Relay next year.  As I started cutting I thought, "You know, I could do one of these for each of the nephews/nieces we draw for Christmas."  I was talking to mom and realized I could make four I Spy quilts for about $60.  That's roughly $15 per quilt.  I'd spend that n a crappy toy so why not spend it on something they'll use?  Once I came to terms with the idea of doing four I Spys, I told myself, "I should do these for Laura's boys too."  So, here I sit, a month later, with 7 I Spy quilts to make.  I decided I'd do the ones for Laura's boys for their birthdays.  That means I've got 5 to make by Christmas, 1 in February and 1 in March.  I have 113 squares left to cut to have all the squares I need for all 7 quilts.  That means I've got almost 900 squares sitting on my table in this picture.  I figured I needed a total of 1008 squares.  All the squares I've cut that I'm not using (there were more than 7 of that particular fabric) I've passed on to Caleb's preschool teacher.  Here's to hoping I get all seven of these done on the time frame I've set up for myself!

Brookelyn has learned yet another trick:
She's dancing on the table in this picture.  Apparently, she inherited the same monkey genes as her brother Caleb.  When he was this size I had to take all the chairs at the table & put them up on the table so he couldn't do this.  My table is pushed up against the stair railing and if they were to venture over to the edge it would be certain death..or at least a broken neck.  It doesn't help that all my sewing stuff has taken over my kitchen table again because that just looks like tons of fun to play in!  Here's to hoping I can keep her off the table!

Cindy called me this morning and told me she was taking her grandkids down to the Splash Pad this afternoon.  I thought that sounded like a great idea.  So, we tagged along.  I was happy B didn't fall asleep in the carseat on the way to the Splash Pad.  The last time we went she slept the whole time!  I took her swim suit & changed her clothes when we got there.  Since she decided she was going to walk this weekend, I let her venture over with her siblings.  She loved it!

I love this picture!

This little boy just so happened to be named Nash!  No kidding.  I pointed him & his mom out to our Nash and told her to go introduce himself to her.  She said she hadn't ever met another Nash.  I told her we hadn't either!

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