Friday, August 10, 2012

Craft Camp, a flying suit & who I share my bed with

I got a few pictures from Caleb's preschool teacher today.  They are from about 3 weeks ago when they made their cute apples.  

These pictures are from craft camp two weeks ago when they made bird houses.

Crazy to think this one use to see Miss Shannon every day for Kindergarten and now she's going into fourth grade!

This one loves, loves, loves going to Miss Shannon's house for preschool.  He still doesn't know he'll be going to preschool three times a week this fall.  I figured I'd wait to tell him until his first day of preschool.  Otherwise I'm going to have to hear about it every day until then!  I know he's going to be sad when his brother and sister go back to school in about 12 days and he has to wait until after Labor Day to go back.  Maybe I'll have to break the 3 day a week news then to cheer him up!

My mom saw a pattern for a superhero costume about a month or two ago.  She bought it because she thought it screamed Caleb's name.  Caleb's always wearing some sort of "flying suit" or another.  The boy loves his dress ups as much as Samantha does.  In fact, he's worn the pumpkin outfit I made for Halloween last year so much that the velcro has come off!  Mom had wanted to get the new "flying suit" done for Caleb's birthday but her sewing machine broke about a week before his birthday.  She finally got her sewing machine fixed and back and was able to finish Caleb's flying suit.  He's worn it non stop since we brought it home!  Mom is still working on the belt, mask and arm bands that go with it.  When Nash saw Caleb's flying suit he told my mom that he wants one now!  Maybe for Christmas?  My mom said that if she'd have thought about it she would have told me not to get the felt for the dinosaur costume for him for Halloween because he could just go as a superhero.  I told her not to worry, I'm pretty sure he's going to go as a superhero flying dinosaur!

He looks grouchy in this picture because I took away his yogurt and made him get up from watching cartoons to take this picture!

A little while after I took this picture he put his cowboy boots on so he could go to daycare.  Yep.  Snapped a picture of him with the boots on, just haven't uploaded it yet.  In the words of his father, "Cool.  I finally have a kid with an awesome imagination!"

Last week when Travis was home him & Samantha rented Mirror, Mirror and were watching it while I read Witch Born.  Caleb was still up and running around (Nash was having a sleepover at his cousin Kash's house).  I finally got Caleb to come in my room and lay down on my bed with me.  I snapped this picture around 2 am.  Notice the dog?  Yep.  This is what I share my bed with when my husband is HOME!

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The Maughan's said...

You are so sweet. I have really, really appreciated all your sweet comments regarding Henslee. We are so lucky to be surrounded by incredible family members and friends. We love our little Miss more than anything and it means so much to us when we hear such positive thoughtful comments. I hope we can get together soon. Your kiddos look like they are always having fun, which means for 1 busy momma :) Thanks again!!