Wednesday, August 1, 2012

An eventful week in photos

On Sunday, we got to meet our new cousin, Weston.  He is super cute and so, so tiny!  When I heard he was 8 lbs 14 oz I expected him to look enormous like Brookelyn did.  Not so.  He's just a teeny, tiny little butterball.  He's super sweet and Samantha was perfectly content to just sit and hold him.  She didn't like sharing him with her brothers or mom, but she was willing to.  We can't wait to love on him some more soon.

The other day I made spaghetti for dinner.  I always just give Brookelyn the noodles plain (no sauce).  Turns out I should be giving her sauce.  I was going around the kitchen cleaning up a few things when I noticed she had taken command of Nash's dinner plate.

A few minutes later and she had complete control of Nash's plate.  She finished up all his noodles and left hers untouched.  Guess I'll have to start putting sauce on hers so she won't steal anyone else's!

After she finished her spaghetti she needed a bath (there was sauce everywhere, but she was happy).  Sister's hair is getting so long.  I keep playing with the back of it because it's almost long enough in the back for a tiny little pony tail (she'd still have to have 2 on top because the top isn't long enough).

 On Monday Caleb came inside looking like he'd just taken a dirt shower.  He looks up at me and says (with really wide eyes), "Mom.  I just found a REAL LIVE bug in your flowers.  So I squished it.  With my fingers!"  Then he made the sound I'm sure bugs hear when they walk and he wiggled his fingers like bug antenna!  A little bit later we were at my mom's house.  She's got a bunch of wasps that hang out by the filter of her swimming pool.  We were watching the boys through the window when Caleb screamed like a banshee.  Turns out he tried to squish a wasp with his fingers.  Don't think he'll be trying that again any time soon!

This little monkey has learned a new trick every time I turn around.  I was NOT happy about this!

Every time I get my camera out to take a picture Brooke will say "CHEESE!" but she doesn't always look at the person with the camera!  She was looking at Nash instead of me!

This little girl LOVES her musical instruments.  She has this little xylophone that she loves.  She's recently figured out how to turn on the keyboard as well.  I'm fairly certain this one will be starting dance lessons when she turns three.  Just like her sister in more ways than one!

Last night we took Trav's parents' jet skis out to Hyrum Dam.  Trav dropped the kids and I off at the beach and then wen to unload the skis.  The water is super low right now.  I put Brookelyn's life jacket on her because, let's face it, the girl is fast!  I sat her on the ground by the water and she was perfectly happy...until the cold water touched her!  She and I spent most of the night up on the grass..

The water touched her:

Caleb was happy to throw mud in the water for awhile.  I was happy it didn't hit me!

Watching her sister and brother in the water her reaction is always "Ooooo"

Sam & Caleb swimming in the water

Her balance is getting really good.  She can totally walk when she wants to.  I've recently discovered that as long as she has something in her hand, she dares to walk.  Whatever she's holding does not need to be anchored to the floor, she just needs something in her hands!  Silly girl.

My view of Sam & Caleb from way, way, waaaay up on the grass.

Brookelyn entertained herself up on the grass with her life jacket buckles, dumping out the diaper bag, crawling away from mom & toward the drop off onto the sand & mom's shoes.

She also found 3 pair of sunglasses she rather enjoyed playing with!  Can you see all three pairs she has on?

Nash decided it was a good idea to bury his feet in the sand.

 Brookelyn took a 3 second nap while up on the grass.

This little girl has latched onto her daddy since he came home on Monday.  He picks her up and she just puts her arms around him and lays her head down on his shoulders.  She'll stay that way for a good 30 minutes.  Not sure if it's because she misses him and finally realizes it or if it's because she has four molars coming in and doesn't feel the greatest.

 Poor Caleb was freezing when he finally came out of the water.  He kept telling me, "Mom.  I'm freezing AND I'm turning purple!"

 Brookelyn has developed a shoe fettish.  The girl finds a pair of shoes and she crawls off as fast as she can with them!

There were a few Young Women groups at the beach and a lady from one of them was nice enough to snap a few pictures of me and the kids.

As we were waiting for Travis to come get us after loading the jet skis Caleb told me, "Mom.  The clouds are beautiful!"  That kid has the same kind of vocabulary as his big sister!

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