Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Caleb's Well Check

On Monday I took Caleb to the pediatrician for his four year well check.  I'm one of those mean moms that had him get shots.  He only had to have 2 and he was so brave!  He didn't cry, he just said "Hippopotamus, hippopotamus!"  (Thanks for that trick Grandma Terri.)  The good news is that now he's got all his shots until he turns 12.  Yep, Kindergarten shots are DONE.  Yay.  Dr. Clarke always gives my kids a book when they come in for a well check.  This year Caleb got a Curious George book.  He had me read it to him while we waited for the nurse to come in with his shots.  He was excited because it had a train in it.  He showed the book to his dad when we got home and he had his dad read it to him again.

Caleb's Stats:
Weight: 34 lbs -- 32nd percentile (Yes, I am aware my 1 year old weighs 27 lbs & my 4 yr old weighs 34 lbs.  I am quite certain Brookelyn will surpass Caleb rather quickly.)
Height: 38.5 inches -- 13th percentile
BMI: 16.1 -- 66th percentile

Average height for a four year old is 40.3 inches so he's a little short, but we knew that. :)
Average weight for a four year old is 36 lbs so he's a little smaller, but we knew that too. :)

Things about Caleb:
1-He is an extraordinarily picky eater.  He won't touch the food on his plate if there is a sauce of any kind on his plate (spaghetti sauce, pizza sauce, ketchup, mustard, mayo, ranch, etc.)
2-He still loves pink milk and doesn't want to drink white milk at all.
3-He likes to refer to himself as "Cowboy Caleb".
4-He would wear his cowboy boots, hat and chaps everywhere if his mother would let him.  Oh, and he informed me a week ago that he also needs spurs now.
5-He is FINALLY using the potty regularly.  We still have a few accidents here and there, but for the most part, I think he's finally decided it's not so bad.
6-He loves dirt.  If he isn't in the house playing toys, he can be found out back behind the fence digging in the dirt.
7-He has recently picked up on Nash's, "Mom.  I love you." at random times during the day.
8-He likes to snuggle with me.
9-He's as stubborn as his mother.  Not sure this is a good thing.
10-His dad put training wheels on Nash's old 2 wheeler Spiderman bike about a month ago and he loves riding it with the big kids.
11-He says some of the most hilarious, random things I've ever heard come out of a kid's mouth.

I will admit that Caleb is my challenging child, mostly because he's got my personality.  He really has grown into his own person and wants so much to be just like his brother and his dad.  He loves his family (extended family included) and has recently started telling us just how much he loves us.  He likes to help mom with chores and I think he's enjoyed having his own chore list so he can earn some allowance.  He's pretty good to go play by himself or with other kids.  He's got quite the imagination and vocabulary but will usually let his sister or brother boss him around so he can play with them too.  He likes to wear his flying suit, Karate suit, ninja suit and any other suit he can create.  He lets his sister dress him up in her dress ups or sometimes even doll clothes, and will willingly show them off to mom - no matter what he's dressed like (and I've seen some good ones!).

We love you Duleb!

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Justin & Ashlee said...

I miss getting the book at well checks! Rylee got a few and I thought that was a great idea!