Tuesday, August 7, 2012

National Night Out Against Crime

Every year for the last several years Hyrum has done a National Night Out Against Crime on the first Tuesday in August.  I've taken my kids several times and they always seem to have fun.  I had forgotten it was tonight until a friend of mine mentioned she was going to go down.  So, we braved the crowd and went down to the city square.  They always do a free dinner of hamburgers, potato chips and a drink.  I was happy - it's free, my kids (most of them) eat it and I don't have to cook. :)  They have the fire trucks, the ambulance, usually at least one DWR vehicle. Children's Justice Center, Life Flight and several other organizations there.  This year we ate our dinner and then headed over by the trucks.  When we got over there I saw the mom of one of Nash's friends so I sat and talked to her for a long time.  Because of that I didn't get a ton of pictures and I didn't get pictures of the kids climbing on everything they came into contact with!  I did manage to snap pictures when Life Flight came in though!

Brookelyn spotted the helicopter:

The closer the helicopter got the more she pulled this face:

Right over the the field where it was going to land:

Right above us:

I think the pilot hovered over us and came in super slow in order to give more of a wind!  It was crazy!  I didn't anticipate that much wind for that long!  I was impressed Brookelyn didn't cry about it!

After they landed:

Sister wasn't quite so sure she thought the helicopter was as cool on the ground as it was flying in the air:

Before the helicopter came in the officers told the kids to stay back until they gave the go ahead to come up and check it out.  When they gave the go ahead there were kids EVERYWHERE!

I did manage to snap a few pictures of the boys on the fire truck.  Caleb was trying to get to the top but it was too high without mom's help:

The kids were happy because they got to play on all the emergency vehicles and at the park.  I was happy because I had an adult conversation and didn't have to make dinner!  Now, if I can get them all to settle down and go to sleep it will be great!

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Heather said...

I love that they got to climb all over the vehicles. That is fun!