Monday, August 6, 2012

Wedding cakes, nebulizers, boots & Grandpa's house

The entire month of July I worked on creating gum paste daisies for the tops of cupcakes for a wedding.  The wedding was August 2nd.  Much to my relief, all 100 daisies and cupcakes were made! The only thing I was worried about was the color.  Kiersha had asked me to do a sage green.  I told her I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to make it turn a sage color.  She told me that it was ok as long as it wasn't hunter green.  Well, it wasn't hunter green, but it wasn't exactly sage green either!  It was a pretty bright green!  Thankfully everyone really likes the cake and cupcakes so it all turned out ok!

 For the wedding cake, I did one nine inch and one eight inch cake and stacked them.  Putting the ribbon around the bottoms was tricky because the cakes weren't straight up and down around the edges.  This made it so there was a little bit of a space between the top of the ribbon and the cake.  Luckily I was able to figure out how to make it work so that it wasn't super obvious!

 Set up at the reception:

Brookelyn has had a rattle in her chest the entire summer.  I asked the pediatrician about it at Caleb's well check.  He told me to try giving her some decongestant as it might be caused by the runny nose she's got do to the molars she's trying to break.  Well, I tried the decongestant one night.  She proceeded to cough until she threw up.  Thus, we've been doing the nebulizer.  The first night we did it she wasn't such a fan.  After that we had to have her sit on dad's lap while she did it.

Little sister recently discovered she fits in the drawer below the tv.  Mom is not happy about this one.

I took the kids to Kmart to get a few last items for school shopping.  I saw these sweet little cow girl boots and couldn't resist buying them for Brookelyn.  They are a bit big, but they will be perfect come fall!

Last night we went down to Grandma Terri's and Grandpa Larry's house to make tin foil dinners and home made ice cream.  The kids were in the pool nearly three hours (Jack and Jade were there).  The kids had fun and the food was good too.

Grandpa Larry even did a double ch-da with the girls!  I love the look on B's face!  She does this every single time someone dances with her!  Glad I was able to finally catch it on film!

And, in other exciting news, Brookelyn decided she's going to walk now!  For about two months she has been taking three or four steps and then plopping down on the floor and crawling the rest of the way.  This past weekend she just decided she was ok with going about 10 steps.  Now, she's walking across the room!  She still plops down and crawls after she goes a little way but I think I can safely say she's officially walking!


Michael said...
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Tannie Datwyler said...

Those cupcakes and cake are beautiful!! Good job. :)

Sounds like your summer is still going strong and fun.