Monday, September 10, 2012

Growing Up

Wednesday, Sept. 5, 2012 Caleb got to go to his first day of preschool for the year!  He was super excited. He LOVES Miss Shannon (as I've said before :) ).  He is so happy he gets to go to school three days a week this year rather than just two times a week.  Tonight he tells me, "Mom.  You should come to my school every day.  Then you could learn to count and spell zebra."  He's right, I should go to his school every day!  It would be much more entertaining than doing what I do!

This little lady turned 16 months old yesterday!  Where did that time go?  She is getting so big I can hardly believe it.

This little girl has gotten quite an attitude and personality of her own lately.  She uses "AHHH!" to get what she wants.  For example, she'll come up and yank on my pants and screech "AHH" in an effort to get me to lift her up.  I keep telling her, "Say 'up mama'".  I'm hoping she'll get the idea sooner rather than later.

She is quite independent.  My mom & I joke with each other and say, "I do it!  I two!"  That's what Caleb use to tell me, so, whenever one of them has an attitude about doing something on their own we throw out an "I do it!".

The climbing escapades have subsided for awhile.  I say that knowing full well she'll likely scale the drawers now.  Oh well.

She has recently discovered her love for books and anything resembling a book.  She will take at least five books to bed with her and can be found packing several books throughout the house all day every day.  Her favorites to pack around are: Samantha's students dictionary, the telephone book, and any chapter book Samantha is reading and has a book mark tucked into (of course, she won't pack that one until she promptly rips out the book mark).

Brookelyn likes to act like she's the queen bee around here.  She points her finger at whoever is nearest and jabbers away giving them quite the stern talking to.  I can't wait for her vocabulary to develop so I can finally understand just what it is she's telling us.

Sister is still working on all four molars and I hope they come through soon.  Her ruptured cyst is looking more painful every day and I can see the next one (the top right) coming soon.  For her sake I hope that the rest of the molars aren't nearly as bad as this one has been.

Her vocabulary now includes: mom, dad, char (charlotte), dog, man-na (Samantha), Nash, ma-ma (grandma), no, owie, uh oh, hi, hi-ya, and oh.

This little girl isn't shy about trying any food you put in front of her.  In fact, tonight she grabbed the plate I had in my hands (I was trying to put some beans on her high chair tray) and set it down in front of her and then grabbed the fork out of my hand.  When she's done with her bottle she pushes the nipple in so that not only can she not get milk out when she wants it, it also drips all over everything!  So helpful!

Have I mentioned that this girl has a shoe fetish?  I hate shopping for shoes.  What's more, I hate wearing shoes.  I'd go barefoot everywhere if that was an option.  This girl wants to put on one pair of shoes and 30 seconds later change into a different pair.  There will be many headaches for me if this fetish continues.

And now, my little howler monkey is calling me so I had better sign off.

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Tannie Datwyler said...

That was fun to read about your two youngest!! I loved especially the comment about Brooke being the queen bee. Deirdre does that ALL the time. If I'm yelling for the kids to come up down stairs she stands at the top and imitates me. Makes me laugh all the time.