Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nash's new hobby

Travis took Nash to his dentist appointment for me today.  We were having a consultation with the dentist about his cross bite.

The dentist told Travis that the one top tooth just needs to move out in front of the bottom tooth a smidge.  He said that it can be done fairly easily and fairly quickly.  Since those top teeth haven't been in a the way for a super long time, the dentist thinks we can do this the "cheap" way.

The solution and Nash's new hobby: Nash was given a bunch of tongue depressors to put between his top & bottom tooth where the cross bite is happening.  Nash is suppose to put the tongue depressor behind the front tooth and in front of the bottom tooth & then bite down.  Hopefully this will put enough pressure on his top tooth to move it forward just enough to bring it in front of the bottom tooth.  Travis has told Nash that he will give him $50 if he will dedicate himself to this task because it would save him $1,000.  Obviously Travis doesn't know what a retainer, a set of braces, and another retainer is going to cost!  So, Nash is going to give it a go with his tongue depressors until his well check on Nov. 12th.  If the teeth haven't moved enough by then then we will have to figure out which of the three retainers will be the best option to go ahead with.

The moral?: Next time you see Nash ask him where his tongue depressor is and how often he's been chewing on it! :)

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Justin & Ashlee said...

I'm interested to see how it works. Hopefully for you, the cheaper way!