Friday, September 14, 2012


I think today is Monday and not in fact Friday.  Took the kids to the dr.'s office today.  That was a mistake.

Nash had to have his wart frozen again.

Brookelyn has an ear infection.  AND the tube in her left ear (the one we put in back in March that has done so well), yea IT'S OUT ALREADY.  There was discussion about putting 2 tubes in each ear.  She goes back in three weeks.

Caleb's nose & ears have not improved despite being vigilant for the last month in doing nose spray & singular tablets.  This means he gets a new set of tubes (his last set was when he was about 10 months old), check to see if his adenoids have regrown and if so take those out again AND there was talk of taking out his tonsils but I'm remembering now that they were taken out last July.  Whew on that one!  The poor kid ALSO has to have the same allergy test his brother and sister have had (that then resulted in them getting their weekly allergy shots).

Seriously?!  I asked the ENT if he was going to name a wing after us in the hospital yet and he said "YES."  Wouldn't that be nice?  Maybe they'd quit sending me a bill in that case?

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Justin & Ashlee said...

Oh boy! I took both my kids to the doctor today too. I think we came out a little bit better though. Sorry.