Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Tree Hunting & parties

This year is the first year since Travis started working at Halliburton that we've been able to swing going to Manti to "hunt" our Christmas Tree down and bring it home.

We were going to leave on Friday, but things got a little nutty (big surprise).  Friday morning Caleb threw up at preschool and couldn't even keep water down all day long.  Brookelyn had her well check so she had three shots.  She would have been fine but was napping Friday evening.  Samantha had a speaking part and Nash played the part of an angel in the ward Christmas party that was Friday night as well.  So, Friday night got moved to Saturday morning!  I was glad Travis was home.  I stayed home with Caleb and Brooke and he took the big kids to the Christmas party.  I figured I'd let him go because he'd been home with Caleb all day and it seems like it's always me that goes and him that stays.

We left home about 5:30 am Saturday and headed to Manti.  The weather and traffic were both fairly decent.  We got to Manti around 10 am - just in time for breakfast at the farm!  When we got there Nash noticed that Travis's brother had his dog with him.  The dog was in a kennel and Nash put his finger inside to put him.  Not a good idea.  Dog bit his finger a good one.  We now have to keep a close eye on that.  The dog isn't a mean dog - at least it never has been - and I totally didn't expect that.  I kind of wanted to drop kick the dog after that.

We headed up the mountain at about noon.  We had all our snow pants, etc. in the back of the truck because we didn't know how cold or muddy it would be.  Sam, Brooke, me, Travis and Prestin rode in Travis's truck until we got half way up the mountain.  We had four four wheelers and eighteen people so someone had to ride in the trucks!  When we got to the bridge, everyone got out and we made a few trips a little further up the mountain on the four wheelers so we could look for our trees.  The kids had a blast and loved that they were on four wheelers, in the mud, hunting Christmas Trees with their cousins.  Who could ask for anything more?  It took us a little while to find two we liked (one for us and one for my parents), but eventually we found them.  We had to make a few trips down the mountain back to the trucks on the four wheelers since we now had four four wheelers, eighteen people and five Christmas Trees!  Eventually we got it though.  Our truck got dubbed "The party truck" because Samantha had Big Time Rush cranked up super loud and we were getting our groove on inside with the heater going! Unfortunately, at around 5 Travis got a message from work telling him he needed to be at the shop in Rock Springs at 3:30 pm on Sunday.  He was not a happy camper.  He was suppose to have Sunday off.

After we got down off the mountain we had to get ready to go to Mayfield for the Christmas party out there.  We got there a little after six or so.  Almost all the cousins were there (missing one from back east).  We had a good dinner of pizza, wursten, salads, treats, etc.  We did our white elephant presents and no one ended up in tears (I think?) due to the present they got.  I think everyone pretty much buys stuff the kids will like so no one ends up crying.  We gave Grandma Whitlock the photo book I made and I think she liked it quite a bit.  Score one for me!  We finally headed back to the farm around ten pm.

Travis didn't sleep much all night because he was so mad.  Brooke, Travis and I slept downstairs.  The three other kids, Grandma/Grandpa Bown & Travis's brother's family all slept upstairs.  Boy was I glad to be downstairs and have a bit of space to myself!  Travis had kind of decided we'd get up at 7 and head out asap so he could get to work.  I talked to him when he woke up and convinced him to just meet his crew in Pinedale at 6 pm instead of in Rock Springs at 3:30 pm.  That way he could try and sleep a little more so it was safer for him to drive.  Travis, Brooke and I ended up leaving the farm around 9:30 am.  We were able to leave the other three kids with Grandpa Scott & Grandma Kris so they could go to the Christmas party and see the rest of their cousins.  I'm really thankful that they let them do that.  I would have felt really bad if the kids would have had to miss that.  They don't see those cousins too often.  The weather wasn't too awful on the way home and we made decent time.  We dropped my mom's Christmas Tree off to her and then came home.  Travis got all his stuff packed and our tree in the stand.  He didn't leave until about 3:30 pm so he didn't make it to Pinedale until about 7 pm (oh well).

It was a little weird to have just me and B at home from noon until 11 pm!  I was able to clean the house, do laundry, finish the fourth I Spy quilt top, lay out the fifth I Spy quilt top, eat dinner, bath B, and put away all our stuff we took with us.  I even put B to bed at 7:30 pm!  (She was being a bear!).  The kids were super excited when they got home.  They had a great time.  I wish we could have stayed with them so we could have seen everyone too.  Stupid Halliburton.  Next time!

Travis cutting down my Christmas Tree!

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