Thursday, May 23, 2013

He graduates

Caleb had his preschool graduation tonight.  He's all done with preschool & anxiously awaiting Kindergarten to begin!  He's been dying to go to Kindergarten since about March when I brought home the Kindergarten Readiness bag from Canyon for him to practice with all the things in it.  Goofy kid!

 Don't let him fool you.  He may look all cute & innocent in these pictures, but both Travis & I had to go up to him and whisper in his ear telling him to leave his hands in his lap & quit hitting the kid in front of him on the head & elbowing the kid next to him.  Stinker!

 Getting his diploma from Miss Shannon!

I have to mention (again) how much we LOVE Miss Shannon.  Miss Shannon was Sam's Kindergarten teacher at Lincoln.  She was FABULOUS with Sam.  When I realized she lived just up the street a few blocks & did preschool I was SO excited!  Caleb went to her last year and again this year.  He has also done summer camps with her for the last two summers.  We are very sad that she's moving June 1 and not only will Caleb not get to go back in the fall, but we also won't get to do summer camp with her & our Brookelyn won't get the fun of having Miss Shannon as a teacher either.

The graduation ceremony was cute.  This year she did it in the evening and she did it with the three & four year olds combined.  I was impressed none of the kids feel (or jumped) off the table!  One sibling (not of Caleb) did get a bloody nose on the trampoline though).  I also had two moms introduce me to their kids and tell them that I will be there teacher next year - makes it a little more real (scary!).

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