Saturday, November 9, 2013

Brookelyn Dean

This little girl is as busy as they come!  It's a good thing she's so stinkin cute!

The other day she decided she was going to make dinner.  I was washing dishes, loading/unloading the dishwasher, etc. so I was in the kitchen with her.  However, it was when I turned around for a minute to get something out of the dishwasher that she grabbed my sugar container.  She filled her pan up with almost the entire sugar container!  She also had the salt and pepper out.  I think she may have gotten something else in there too, but I'm not sure what!  She had about three different spoons she was using to stir.  It was funny to watch her.  She was just as content as could be.  She kept telling me, "Mommy, I make dinner!"  She would put the pan on the stove and stir for a few minutes then move it onto the counter and stir it.  She'd tell me, "Hot mommy.  No touch."  Silly girl!

A few days ago I bought a family feast from Papa Murphy's.  With the family feast you get a 2 liter bottle of soda and a thing of cookie dough.  I have NEVER made the cookie dough into cookies.  Samantha always gets to the cookie dough before I do!  Apparently, Brookelyn has learned quite well from her sister, her mother and her grandma!

Today Brookelyn wanted to color.  I got her some paper and she got a marker.  I really should know better than to let her have a marker.  She hasn't colored on herself in ages though so I didn't really think about it.  Besides, it was a washable marker!  She was coloring away at the table and I was in the hallway (within eyesight) cleaning out the kids' pj drawer.  She comes over after a few minutes and says "Cheese! Mommy!" would seem I'm a day late and a dollar short for almost everything lately!

Tonight my mom came up "for a minute".  Brookelyn's new trick is to drag my mom by the hand to her bedroom, shut the door, turn on the radio and proceed to dance in front of the bedroom door so grandma can't leave.  She's also been known to sit in front of the bedroom door or sit on grandma herself!  My poor mother!  It's a good thing she likes my kids or she'd never come back!

And, sadly, my baby girl is no longer a baby!  She has been falling out of her toddler bed every night for a few weeks now.  In the morning I find her either spread eagle on the floor or bent over at the waist with her top half on the bed and her bottom half standing up!  Fisher's Home Furnishings was having a sale on Friday so I went in to see if I could find another twin mattress for a decent price (managed to get one for about $70).  I called Grandpa Scott and recruited his help.  Travis is in North Dakota and we were thinking he wasn't going to be home until Monday afternoon and seeing how Brooke has another set of tubes scheduled for Thursday I kind of figured that the beds wouldn't be a priority this week while he's home.  Good thing Grandpa Scott loves us too!  Brooke loves her new bed.  Her eyes bugged right out of her head when she saw her bed with her Strawberry Shortcake bedding on it (it's the bedding I bought for Sam when we moved into the house and set this bunk bed up for her and Nash).

Since the bunk bed goes so far up the wall I've had to rearrange some things.  Not sure I like how this is looking (Brooke & Sam's names don't line up evenly and it makes me crazy!).

Sam is thrilled she finally has some empty space in her room (this is where B's bed was).  I told her the space would be short lived (I bought B a kitchen for Christmas).  Brooke now uses this space where her bed was as her dance stage!  Goofy girl!

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