Saturday, November 9, 2013

"Every boy needs a staple in his head!"

I don't remember who it was that told Caleb "Every boy needs a staple in his head!" but I was like "What?!  NO!"  And visualized myself smacking them upside the head!

On Monday this week I sent the boys down to bed around 9:30 pm.  I'm quite certain Caleb went down and started jumping on his bed so he could see up on his brother's bed (Caleb's bed is a full and Nash's is a twin so there's room to jump on Caleb's bed to see).  I was on my way downstairs when I heard screaming.  I ran the rest of the way to the boys room where I found Caleb laying on the floor.  He was laying on the floor next to his bed but right in front of the desk they have in their room.  This desk really probably is more hazardous than not and likely shouldn't be in their room.  It has sharp corners and screws in it.  Now combine that with my boys and it's amazing we haven't had a hazardous disaster before now.  I picked Caleb up and asked where he was hurt.  He put his hand on his head and pulled his hand away to reveal a palm full of blood.  Not good.  I carried him up to the bathroom and sent Nash next door to grab my girlfriend.  My girlfriend came over while I was applying a cold, wet washcloth to Caleb's head.  I asked her to look at his head and tell me if she thought we should go to the ER.  She told me that it looked just like her daughter's (Emma's)  only not quite as long and hers got three staples in it.  Well, that made up my mind for me.

Amy left us her cell phone so the kids could stay home and call if needed (it was 10:15 by now, mom was sick, Travis was at work and I didn't want to haul all four kids to the ER).  I loaded up Caleb and left.  I tried to stop at the urgent care on the south end of Logan, but they close at 10 pm (how convenient).  So, we continued on to the ER.  Lucky for me it wasn't too long of a wait out in the main waiting area.  Unfortunately for me, we didn't leave the ER until just after 1 am thanks to all the other people also visiting the ER.

The PA came in and said, "Oh!  That's an easy fix!  We'll just get that numbed up and put one staple in it and you'll be good to go!"  Then the dr. came in and told me the same thing, but he added "Hopefully we can get to you within the hour.  We're really busy."  I thought he was joking.  Turns out, he wasn't.  Eventually the nurse came in and put some numbing agent on a cotton ball and stuck it to his head.  Then she took the corban wrap and wrapped it around his head until he looked like Rambo.  The numbing agent had to sit for 20 minutes so we were back to waiting.  After about 20 minutes the nurse came in and re applied more numbing agent - goodie!  Another 20 minute wait.  Finally, the PA came back in.  By this time Caleb had finally fallen asleep.  

The PA took our the staple kit.  The stapler looked like one of the white out tape things.  It wasn't big and didn't look anything like a stapler.  He kind of squeeze the cut back together and then stapled Caleb's head.  (It might not look like a stapler, but it sounds like a stapler and when you know it's going into your kid's head it kind of makes you sick.)  This woke Caleb up immediately and he was not a happy boy.  Poor kid!  So much for a double dose of the numbing agent!

We were finally released to go home and walked back into the house at about 1:30 am.  We have to go back after 10 days to get the staple out.  Hope our visit on that day isn't nearly as long as the original visit.  And yes, we're rearranging the boys' room this weekend so we don't have another incident!

Before the staple:

With the staple (and no, they didn't shave his head at all):

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