Monday, March 24, 2014

A slow start to Spring

Apparently it has been much longer than I realized since my last post!  Oops.  I guess that's what happens when life speeds up on you!  Since Nash's Pinewood Derby we've had a few fun things happen, but not an over abundance.

1-We got our taxes done and turned in and were happy to receive a refund.  With our refund we are putting a new fence in!  Wahoo!  My entire backyard will finally be fenced in (only 7 yrs after moving in!).  Travis started setting corner posts this week while he has been home.  He heads back to work tomorrow though so my yard will look a little ghetto for awhile!  We will also be using some of our refund money to take the kinds on a mini Spring Break vacation in a week.  We will head to Dinosaur National Monument with the camper for a few days and then head down to Moab for a few days.  Should be lots of fun!

2-Nash still loves going to Scouts every Tuesday.  Scouts and dance have overlapped and he hasn't loved the idea of having to be home alone for about an hour and a half while it's dark outside.  My very kind (and very loved) home teachers have let him come stay with him until I get home from dance with Sam.  Geri & Randall Funk have been our home teachers for about two years.  My children have adopted them as another set of grandparents (because you can never have too many grandparents).  I think this has been a special treat for Nash to go spend time with them.  (Geri is the wolf den mother so she's at his den meetings each week.)

3-My grandpa Arol got married.  Yep.  Married.  He married a woman named Marion.  She seems nice.  I've only met her for a short time.  My kids like her from what they know of her.  She has eight children of her own that are all grown, married, kids are married.  She was living in Camas but has sold her home and moved into Grandpa's home.  They were married on February 28th in the Logan Temple.  It's a little weird to think that Grandpa is married to someone other than Grandma, but he's happy and that's really all I care about.

4-Preschool registration for Fall was opened up.  I've got a smattering of three year olds and have almost filled a four year old class.  This year I'll be capping my class size at 8 students so if my class fills up then I will open an afternoon session if the need arises.

5-Samantha is now in the throes of debate with my class at school.  I can't tell if she likes it or hates it or is indifferent to the whole idea.  I think she's ok with it because she likes her partner!  Her big debate night will be May 1st.

6-Samantha and the boys had an exhibition for dance/tumbling out at Sky View.  The boys' group stole the show (as always).  They did an awesome job with their Footloose dance and the audience just ate it up.  I can't wait to see their Oompa Loompa dance at the year end review in May!

7-Samantha found out that in Spring of 2015 LaShars will be traveling to Disneyland again to perform.  We decided we will go and take all four of the kids.  But, we also invited Travis's brother and sister and their families.  We're going to go big!  The kids can hardly contain themselves!  I explained that this means they have a year to save their money.  This means they really ought to consider doing their chores so they have money when we go.  Especially since we'll be making a visit to LEGOland!

8-Travis finally got his red truck up and running.  The stupid thing has been sitting in my driveway for at least six months and wouldn't start.  Wouldn't be a huge deal expect that we're still paying on it!  I'm thrilled to say he finally got it fixed and moved out of my driveway!  Honestly, four cars and two licensed drivers!  What I wouldn't do to sell two vehicles!

9-Travis has now officially trimmed all our trees.  I may never get shade in my yard again.  Makes me sad.

10-Nash is now on every other week allergy shots!  SO excited that I now only have to drive to the allergy clinic every other week.  And thankfully, Nash & Samantha have fallen on the same week for their every other week shots!  There just may be a light at the end of this very long tunnel!

11-I agreed to coach Caleb's soccer team.  Yes, I know what you're thinking (idiot!  When do you have time for that?!)  Well, I don't have time for it.  But, I got around four emails in three days telling parents that they were seven coaches short and if they didn't come up with more coaches they would have to disband and the kids wouldn't be able to play.  I couldn't hardly bear the thought of having to tell Caleb he wouldn't get to play because he's been so super excited.  Thus, I am now a soccer coach.  I'm crossing my fingers that the weekends they play and Sam has a dance competition that his dad is home so we can divide and conquer!  Soccer season and competition season overlap so here's to hoping!

So, as you can see we've been busy but we haven't had any earth shattering experiences.  As soon as Brooke decides she's going to go pee in the potty all the time I'll consider that an earth shattering experience and there will be a post all of its own.  I can't hardly wait to find out what it will feel like to have no kids in diapers and no prospect of ever having one in diapers again.  A little sad, but more happy than sad!


Travis said...

The truck broke down in November. Not six months ago.

Anonymous said...

Well it feels like it was a year ago so bite me!