Saturday, March 29, 2014

Relay for Life Silent Auction

It's that time of year again!  
 Relay for Life will be held July 11-12th this year  at the Nibley Heritage Park (yes, this is change in location).  Our event will run from 2 pm on the 11th to 2 pm on the 12th.  We are also in the process of putting together a health fair of sorts at the same location on Saturday, July 12th.

You can follow the Relay for Life of Cache County facebook page at:

There will be a motorcycle ride held Saturday, May 31st at Elkridge Park.

There will be a Bark for Life (a Relay event for dogs & their owners) held on Saturday, May 31st at Willow Park.

There will be a boutique with a variety of booths on Friday May 9 from 1:00-6:00 pm & Saturday May 10 from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm.  This boutique will be located at 250 N 500 W Hyrum.  Interested vendors should contact Misty at 435-770-9326.  There are still a few spots available.  

There will be a fundraiser yard sale on Saturday May 10 from 7:00 am - 3:00 pm located at 250 N 500 W Hyrum.

Why I Relay:
I started to Relay because of my grandmother.  She passed away 11 years ago this past November.  My Relay for Life team is named in her honor, Lea's Legacy.  Since I began Relay 6 years ago, I've found many, many more reasons to Relay and now, well, I'm kind of addicted to it.

The Rules:
Please scroll all the way to the bottom to see all 21 items!
If for some reason blogger won't let you post your bid  please text or email your bid to Misty at 435-770-9326 or & I will post your bid for you.  Be sure to tell me your name/contact info, the item you are bidding on & your bid amount.
1. To place a bid, leave a comment.  When you place a bid you need to state which item (if there are multiple of that item)  you are bidding on and your bid amount.  
2.You also need to leave an email address or some other form of contact information with your bid.
3. Please do not bid less than the minimum bid.  Please also don't place a bid unless you intend to purchase the item if you win.
4. Bids need to be made in whole dollar increments - with a minimum of a $1 increase.
5. Checks will be accepted for purchase, however, they will need to be made to The American Cancer Society.  I will not accept credit cards for purchases, as my square reader takes a 2% fee of each transaction.  Cash will be accepted as well.
6. All items must be paid for within one week of the close of the auction.  I am willing to mail items but you will need to cover the cost of shipping.  I am willing to meet you in locations other than my home town as long as it is within a reasonable distance.
7. Auction will close on Sunday, April 27th/ Monday April 28th at Midnight.

**Please scroll all the way to the bottom!  There are 20 different items**

 Item #1: Chloe's Cards for Cancer
Donated by On The Avenue  Visit them at:
6 sets available

Item #2: Gift Certificate from Bamer's Bakery
Valued at: $20.00
Minimum bid: $15.00
1 available
You can visit Jaymie on facebook at:
Bamer's Bakery is located in Hyrum UT.
A few samples of her work:



Item #4: Gift Certificate for custom cake
Minimum bid $20
2 available
Here are a few samples (I have an entire cake album on my facebook page if you want to see more  I do need a week's notice to put a cake together if you want it before June.  After June 1 I can do it with a day or two notice.

Item #5: Crochet Scarf
2 available

Item #6: Table Runners
11 available

Item #7: Baby Car Seat blanket
One available
 Close up of fabric

 Item #8: Cancer Ribbons
2 yellow, 2 orange, 2 purple & custom orders available
Yellow & Orange ribbon on the left have glitter and no tule.  Ribbons on the right have no glitter but tule.

Item #9: Baby Bow Ties
Ties have a fake earring clip on the back that you use to attach to shirts, bags, etc.
Bow #1
Bow #2
Bow #3
 Bow #4
Bow #5
Bow #6

 Item #10: Usborne Books 30 Card pack
One available

Item #11: Flip Flops with Tule

Item #12: Photo Flip Book
2 available


Item #13: Baby Tag Blanket
One Available

Item #14: 5 pk flannel burp clothes
3 sets available

Item #15: Flat Iron Cases
Inside fabric is heat resistant so flat irons/curling irons can be placed into case while still hot.  Great for traveling!
5 available

Item #16: Make up or art supply travel case
*These were originally designed for make up brushes.  I can fit my make up brushes, eye liner, mascara, eye shadow & blush in each of the small pockets.  I only have to place my powder foundation on top of the pockets rather than inside a pocket.  **The pockets on these are longer than a crayon.  If you used one for an art supply case you would want to use colored pencils.
9 available

Item #17: Women's Reversible Apron
One size fits most 
One available
 Close up of fabric

Item #18: Girls Pillowcase dresses
My daughter wears a shirt & leggings under these so she can wear hers to school.  As they grow up they turn from a dress into a shirt!  These can be washed in your machine.  I just make sure to double knot my ribbons and wash it on a gentle cycle.  This way my ribbons don't come un-threaded.  The ends of the ribbon have been melted so they will not fray.
Size 3T 
3 available
 Close up of fabrics

Size 4T 
3 available

Size 5T
One available

Size 6
2 available

Size 7
2 available

Size 8
I did a size 8 for my daughter.  She'll 11 now and her dress still fits as a dress.  She's 5' tall and it comes just above her knees.
4 available

Item #19: Girls dance costume
Fits roughly a 4T

Item #20: Baby Blankets
Minky blanket
1 available

Micro fleece & flannel
1 available
 Close up of fabric

Flannel Back Satin
1 available
 Close up of fabric

Flannel Blankets
16 available
35" x 35" Minimum bid $15.00

 Close up of fabric

 Close up of fabric

 Close up of fabric
The yellow/green color on this blanket is kind of similar to highlighter yellow.

 Close up of fabric

 Close up of fabric

I messed up & forgot to give this one below a #!  This one is #18 - the center is the same fabric as the one above but the back & edges are different.  Sorry!

 Close up of fabric

 Close up of fabric


Anonymous said...

Renee Nichols Burp Cloth set #3 $10.00

Shannon said...

Burp Cloth Set #4 $10.00
Flannel Blanket #1 $15.00

You know how to contact me. :-)

mistybown said...

Kylee Ann Photography session - $50 Laura Simmons

Anonymous said...

Shalise Lamb - $15 each on flannel blankets numbers 5, 8, 13, & 17